Jimmy Page launches his first ever official website

Jimmy Page

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Jimmy Page
Jimmy Page

My childhood hero and the reason I ever picked up a guitar, has finally got an official website. It was just announced on Twitter (7/14/11).

Here is what Page said in a recent interview: “I’ve had the domain name for a number of years,” Page said. “I’ve just been sitting on it, and a number of people had made approaches about setting something up and it got to a point that it felt it was the right time to put the website together. I think this is the ideal vehicle to present my past, present and future work.”

Simply go to www.jimmypage.com.

Due to the immediate response from excited fans, the website had to post on Twitter that they were temporarily running a little slow from extraordinary high levels of traffic.

Right from the moment you open the page you are in for a treat. The Home page has a little bio and video that headlines “ON THIS DAY”. This will be the theme each day you visit the site and you will be greeted by a new piece of trivia for that date.

Here is a direct quote taken from the Guide the site provides: “It’s an interesting concept because every day you are going to have an event from my life and it will go all the way back to me being a teenager,” said Jimmy. “It looks random, but it isn’t. I love the idea that there will be an all-new page everyday and nobody will be able to guess what’s coming next.”

I believe you have to officially sign up to get into the website. I was so excited I immediately signed up. The nice thing about it, it’s free. On your profile page, it asks you what live dates you attended (every show ever performed is accessible) and it also has you list your favorite albums.

At the top of the Home page you have six categories. They are; Home, News, Live, Photos, Discography, and Account. Click on the News heading and a link will appear that says “Your guide to Jimmy Page .com” Everything you need to know about Jimmy Page’s first ever website…

I could go on and on about what’s on the website, but instead I rather you head over there for yourself and explore and enjoy.

This is not a site that was just slapped together. You can tell a lot of time and thought went into it. The site is very creative, informative, and interactive. I think any Page or even Led Zeppelin fan will love this website.

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11 years ago

man jimmy dude i seen you in concert 3 times in the 70,s when i was a kid. you are the best ever i doubt anyone will ever come close to or surpass your talent. i would give my life to spend one day just talking with you.

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