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Joe Bonamassa Live at the Beacon

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Joe Bonamassa Live at the BeaconJoe Bonamassa Beacon Theater – Live In New York

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a completely dark room for an elongated period of time just yearning for a Joe Bonamassa live DVD to be released? Well I’m here to tell you that your wait is not over. However it almost is as coming up on the 27th of March a DVD is scheduled to be released starring, you’ve guessed it, Joe Bonamassa.

What’s that? You don’t give a crap about DVDs because you live in the future? Well good news. It’s also slated to be released on Blu-ray so you can marvel at the crisp clarity of Bonamassa’s sweaty brow glistening in the lights. Joining him in the performance are special appearances from Beth Hart, John Hiatt, and Paul Rodgers.

As for the content the DVD comes with two discs, the first which has 19 songs and the second filled with bonus material galore. I am uncertain if the Blu-ray with its vast storage space will compile both discs onto one disc or not though. Anyway. The content is as follows.

Track Listing

Disc 1

1: 72nd St. Subway Blues
2: Slow Train
3: Cradle Rock
4: When The Fire Hits The Sea
5: Midnight Blues
6: Dust Bowl
7: The River
8: I’ll Take Care Of You (Featuring Beth Hart)
9: Sinner’s Prayer (Featuring Beth Hart)
10: You Better Watch Yourself
11: Steal Your Heart Away
12: Bird On A Wire
13: Down Around My Place (Featuring John Hiatt)
14: I Know A Place (Featuring John Hiatt)
15: Blue And Evil
16: Walk In My Shadows (Featuring Paul Rodgers)
17: Fire And Water (Featuring Paul Rodgers)
18: Mountain Time
19: Young Man Blues

Disc 2: Bonus DVD

1. If Heartaches Were Nickels
2. Woke Up Dreaming
3. A Friend Stops By
4. A Busker’s Tale
5. Photo Gallery

Joe Bonamassa Signature Dunlop Fuzz Face

Joe Bonamassa Fuzz FaceRecently we had discussed Mr. Bonamassa’s new signature Crybaby pedal while his signature JBF3 Fuzz Face pedal.

The JBF3 takes a tried and true, legendary pedal and snaps it in the cheek like a wet towel with Bonamassa’s own zing. It’s hand-wired, uses NOS Russian military germanium transistors, and it’s all wrapped up in a polished copper chassis.

Tonally it adds a thick dose of fuzz and sustain to the signal.

All of this comes gift wrapped in a low, low price tag of just $199.

Joe Bonamassa Signature Seymour Duncan Pickups

Joe Bonamassa PickupsBuilt to resemble the tone of Joe’s 59 Les Paul’s PAF humbuckers Mr. Bonamassa had spent baker’s dozens of hours in trial and error to reinvent said pickups and whipping and spinning them into a whole new set of humbuckers.

The techniques applied are as aged as the pickups they were replicating. The bridge pickup uses an alnico 2 magnet while the neck pickup features an alnico 3 magnet. Both use butyrate bobbins, antiqued nickel covers, and wooden spacers.

And for the proverbial cherry on top each set of humbuckers is hand signed by Seymour Duncan and Joe Bonamassa and a USB flash drive loaded with videos and bonus material is pitched in as well.

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