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John Petrucci

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Rapping About John Petrucci’s Signature Guitar

John Petrucci
John Petrucci

So clearly we’ve made Dream Theater’s upcoming album less than a secret around here and I coincidentally enough happen to be a fan of John Petrucci.  So why not?  Let’s rap about John Petrucci’s signature guitar.  We haven’t really said much on Music Man guitars and God forbid we change things up a time or two.  It was either this or a Daisy Rock guitar.  Consider yourselves lucky.

Editor’s note: Since this article was written John Petrucci’s Music Man has surfaced more in passing conversation. In fact we’ve taken a look at his signature guitar history.  We’ve also covered Daisy Rock since then.  Go figure.

But first… the man who plays this particular guitar.  John Petrucci.

Is there anything I can say about him that hasn’t been stated already by someone else? It seems like every time I Google search his name I find more and more sites dedicated to proclaiming how much more omnipotent this guy is.  The fact that Google’s auto-fill search inputs “John Petrucci is God” probably doesn’t help.  Chuck Norris, you’ve met your match.
Hell.  Maybe tomorrow we’ll do an artist spotlight on John Petrucci.  Then maybe we’ll follow that up with an interview with John Petrucci.  Then we’ll just change our site name to John  Then we’ll all get plastic surgery done and legally change our first, middle, and last names to John Petrucci.

And now for my next trick I’m going to cover the zany amount of JP model guitars in one shot.  I don’t know that I can do all of them justice, so I’m gonna shoot from the hip and hope for the best here.


To make it easier there are big consistencies.  Most have the same or similar Schaller M6-IND tuners and Music Man Floyd Rose tremolo.  Most also have the same Dimarzio humbuckers with a LiquiFire at the neck and a Crunch Lab at the bridge.  On the flip side the lower end models have Sterling pickups, but who cares about that?  Here we try to spend more than we make.  That spells success to me.

The various models also follow themes with the woods. Basswood body guitars like the JP6, for example are also usually built with a maple neck and a rosewood fretboard.  Other guitars like the JPX are built with an alder body, maple top and have a mahogany neck with an ebony fretboard.  Some of the alder guitars do come with a rosewood fretboard, though.  Then there’s the BFR 6 which is built out of mahogany with a koa top and a mahogany neck with an ebony fretboard.

Those are all of the big differences from one model to another and with as many models as there are there’s something for everyone.  You too can tap into the John Petrucci powers you so long to harness.  Though ancient legend has it that the ubiquitous John Petrucci will crawl out from under your bed and eat you alive for trying to play like him.  I read that on the internet somewhere so it must be true.

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