Johnny Depp is a “Great” Guitarist, According to Alice Cooper

Johnny Depp On Guitar

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Johnny Depp On Guitar
Johnny Depp On Guitar

Johnny Depp can play guitar:


Apparently Jonny Depp is not just a famous actor. He is also a talented musician. In fact, he says music has always been his first love.


A recent quote released from Alice Cooper:


“I’d work with him again, I mean, the guy is a valid guitar player, and we told him anytime he wants to come up and play, feel free. We’ve always given that kind of privilege to any great guitar player, like Brian May. He’s in the same place as Brian May or Slash. He’s a great guitarist.”

Depp began playing guitar when he was twelve. His first guitar was a Decca electric guitar. Like any young guitar enthusiast he locked himself in his bedroom with his Mel Bay chord book.

He dropped out of high school to follow his dream of being a rock star. After playing in various garage bands Depp joined The Kids, and enjoyed some success in South Florida. The Kids sold out venues and opened for such acts like Chuck Berry, Pat Benatar, The Pretenders, The Ramones, Iggy Pop and Billy Idol. In 1996 The Kids reunited to play a gig at the Rockandy Club in Florida.

The Kids changed their name to Six Gun-Method and set off to LA to pursue a record deal. While in LA Depp married his bass player’s sister who was a makeup artist. His wife introduced him to Nicolas Cage who advised Depp to pursue acting and the rest is history.

However, Johnny still collaborates with the band Rock City Angels who were signed with Geffen Records. He joined the band as the rhythm guitarist in 1986 but left to film 21 Jump Street. A few years later Johnny met musicians Bill Carter and Gibby Haynes to form the group P. They released an album in 1995 and played frequently at The Viper Room. Johnny describes P as a “group of four friends who like to laugh, goof around and make noise together.”


Johnny has played as a guest guitarist with many performers, including Alice Cooper, Shane MacGowan, Oasis, Iggy Pop and Patti Smith.

Johnny Depp is not only a guitar player but has produced and directed both video and audio performances, composed music, and owned the popular night club The Viper Room (which features live music).

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