Jon Herington Interview on Oscar’s Guitar Shop

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Jon Herington

Jon Herington – A Quick Introduction

Jon Herington

Jon Herington goes face to face with Oscar Jordan on his radio show Oscar’s Guitar Shop. This one-on-one battle of wits features the go to guitarist of Steely Dan since circa 1999. The 2000 release Two Against Nature was the first to feature performances from Herington that would have the band bringing him back for more. In addition to Steely Dan Herington has established a successful solo career with five albums released, as well as a number of additional contributions to several other albums for artists including Lucy Kaplansky, Jim Beard, Chroma, and Michael and Randy Brecker.

The Interview

Throughout the interview they talk shop on Herington’s early experiences with Donald Fagen and Walter Becker during Steely Dan recording sessions, they talk concerts, both playing and spectating, and of course they talk gear. How could they refuse?

This quote, for example, was commented during Herington’s musings on how the band would guide him creatively while doing countless takes.

“They tend to do a lot of takes and, but y’know there was nothing sort of overly fussy about them. They wanted to take their time and they wanted to spend a bit of time doing it, but they were never critical. In fact the thing I noticed right away which made it really easy was that whenever they had a comment about something I had played it was never a negative comment. They didn’t ever say ‘You hear that? Don’t do that anymore.’ They would never do that. Instead they would point out something they liked and they’d say, ‘You hear that? You hear that? Do more like that.’ And even just that subtle difference makes the vibe so much better and it’s just puts me at my ease.”

Oscar’s Guitar Shop

The Guitar-Muse contributing writer Oscar Jordan is the host of the LA Talk Radio show Oscar’s Guitar Shop. You can either catch the video on Friday at 2:00 PM PST. For the convenience of those unable to catch the show during its normal air time Oscar’s Guitar Shop is also available for free on iTunes. Subscribing to Oscar’s Guitar Shop on iTunes opens up all current and archived episodes for download as well.

In addition the show is available for download on for Apple products, Android, and Kindle devices. More information on Oscar’s Guitar Shop including info on other guests can be found on Oscar’s Facebook page.

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