June Marks the Release of Megadeth’s New Super Collider Album


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When Sounds Collide


Thrash metal super stars Megadeth are gearing up for the upcoming release of their new album Super Collider. What will be their fourteenth studio album, the band has been laboriously grinding away in their San Diego studio for a release scheduled to come out on Dave Mustaine’s own record label Tradecraft and distributed through Universal Music Group where it will be hitting shelves and surfacing on online retailers come June 4th, 2013.

While the band has yet to announce a full track list they have confirmed a handful of the fourteen songs set to appear on Super Collider including:

1. Super Collider
2. Forget to Remember
3. Dance in the Rain
4. The Blackest Crow
5. Burn
6. King Maker
Mind you those aren’t the official ordering either. What is official is that Dave Mustaine is continuing with his trademark guitar and vocal performances while teaming up with Dave Ellefson on bass, Shaw Drover on drums, and Chris Broderick on guitars for what Mustaine has described to be a bit darker and a bit faster and filled with a whole new energy throughout the band. In addition to the album the band has been making preparations for a tour to promote Super Collider along with Iron Maiden. The band will be releasing tour dates before too long, so you can go ahead and start saving up your lunch money now.

On Megadeth

After thirty years of chugging away Megadeth has had five consecutive platinum and multi-platinum albums and boasts eleven Grammy nominations. Now with a record label to Mustaine’s name he plans to use Tradecraft to the benefit of all metal-kind, an ambitious goal we’ll have to wait for the future to realize.  And now we’re all left to do this stupid thing called wait (hasn’t technology gotten rid of that yet) until June for their next release.

To celebrate our enthusiasm for the new Megadeth release here’s a video of the band performing “The Punishment Due” from Holy Wars off of the That One Night Live in Buenos Aires DVD. This video is kick ass tested and guitarist approved, so enjoy.


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