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Les Paul Auction: Super Sale

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Get Your Les Paul Goods While Supplies Last

Anyone that happens to own one of those elusive trees that grows cash for leaves may want to start harvesting early this year because in just a few days pretty much anything owned by the legendary guitarist Les Paul could very well be yours.

What Is Being Auctioned?

Pretty much anything that was owned by Les Paul is up for grabs. From simple trinkets of sentimental value like Christmas cards to guitars used by the man himself back in the 50s.

Among the things available are just under 140 different Gibson Les Paul guitars including 19 different Gibson Recording model guitars, 28 Custom models, and 26 standard models, all ranging from as early as the 50s up through the 2000s.

And let’s not overlook the variety of guitar amps alone available. Ampeg, Fender, Peavey, rack mount preamps. The list is littered with equipment old enough to be my father.

The various pieces of recording equipment he had amassed over the years, awards and honors, clocks, and believe it or not, there’s even a 92 Fender Stratocaster in there. You can even get the guy’s bedroom lamps. Clearly there is something for everybody here and enough is up for grabs that everyone has a chance to get at least something. If it’s in the shape of a guitar or has “Les Paul” emblazoned across it, it can probably be found somewhere in here.

Les Paul being the avid collector of musical instruments that he was also had a selection of banjos, a hammond B-3 organ, a Lowrey console organ, and his own custom-built “whimsical” instrument that looks to be perhaps the most peculiar musical instrument wrought upon the world.

Obviously we’re not going to cover every last piece of memorabilia up for grabs (because there’s so damn much), but you can check the 410-page interactive catalog available for you to see everything up for auction at Juliens’ web site.

When And Where Is The Auction Taking Place?

On June 8th and 9th, the latter date being Les Paul’s birthday, Julien’s Auctions will be hosting the once in a lifetime to gain ownership of some piece of Les Paul’s various guitars, amps, gear, and conversation pieces.

There is currently a free public exhibition going on in Beverly Hills, CA, so if you are or are going to be in the neighborhood you can at least swing by and take a look around before it’s all going, going, gone. Come the 8th and 9th the auctions will begin both live and online. Though you will need to register beforehand at juliensauctions.com

And What Is To Come Of All That Revenue?

All proceeds are slated to go straight to the Les Paul Foundation. The Les Paul Foundation was founded to assist students with scholarships for their musical endeavors, provide grants for medical advances for hearing impairment, and to help preserve and present the legacy of Les Paul and his contributions to the world via museums and institutions alike.

For more information on the Les Paul Foundation you can swing by their aptly named web site lespaulfoundation.org.

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