Les Paul, Google’s Guitar, Excuse For A Contest.

Les Paul

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Les Paul
Les Paul Playing “Enter Sandman”


Yep, the man that needs no introduction, Les Paul is posthumously celebrating his 96th birthday.  Do I really need to go into details about who the guy was?  I assume that if you’re reading this on our site you’ve heard the name a time or two.  Probably on all of those guitars that have his name on them.  Yeah, bet you didn’t know those were named after him, did you?  Not the other way around.

So obviously thanks to Google that we’re not the first about this breaking news.  Though Google has done something more interesting than we initially would have.  They’ve given him the tribute spot on their front page with a sleek little guitar/recorder image.  What’s even cooler is after you’ve recorded Google gives you URL information so you can share it what you’ve played with the world.

So…. Impromptu contest time.  (The contest has ended – click here) The recorder will record for up to about 30 seconds, so by all means whip something up and send it.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but make it sexy.  We’ll pick a couple of favorites, the first place getting a $25 Musician Friends Gift Certificate. The runner up will win two whole and entire baker’s dozen guitar picks with our Guitar-Muse.com logo branded into them.


Bit of a short notice, but Google forgot to send us the memo that they were doing this today, so away we go.  Just make it fun.

Here is where to send the link to once you get it from Google.

See what you can do. It can be a bit unruly, but do the best you can and show us what you’ve got.  We’ll post all entries on the site for all the world to see.

I serendipitously learned that, if you fidget with it, you can actually use the keyboard instead of raking the mouse cursor around bumping all sorts of strings.  There are ten strings and in each row of keys there are ten of them assigned to each string so you can play up to three notes at once.

Here’s what I just whipped up.


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11 years ago


11 years ago

Google’s guitar is removed, how to find it?

Guitar-Muse Staff
Reply to  cj
11 years ago

Its still there. http://www.google.com

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