Lesson: Scales Part 4 – The Blues Scale

Blues Guitar Scale

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In this video lesson we cap off the scale quadrilogy with a quick discussion of the blues scale.

The blues scale is, to say the least, a wildly popular scale. Like the pentatonic scale it’s one of those scales that has fewer notes, but in the right hands can make even more of an statement. A few well placed notes from this scale can have a profound impact compared to some guitarists that shred away in a blaze of glory.


As for the video itself, there really isn’t much that hasn’t been discussed in the last three scale videos. All the previous concepts can be applied to this just as easily. While the chart below (as well as the previous charts) is not the be all end all of scale shapes, it should at least be somewhat useful.

Blues Guitar Scale


What I would personally recommend is taking one shape and playing it up and down in various positions on the neck. While you’re doing something that permits your hands free take one of the shapes and just play it up and down, then move it up X frets, then down Y frets, etc, etc. It is very helpful to get the feeling for things like this in multiple positions on the neck.

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