Line 6 and TrueFire – A Sweet Deal for Guitar Lessons, Interviews, and More

Line 6 and True Fire

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Line 6 and True FireWe interrupt this momentary lapse of boredom to bring you this breaking announcement. Guitar gear and effects modelers Line 6 and guitar information resource TrueFire have combined powers in a manner not unlike how Captain Planet is formed (only with way cooler results) to offer you an even more robust experience than before. And fortunately you won’t need to take my word for it. You’ll be able to find out for yourself first hand, but more info on that in a bit.

TrueFire – A Brief Detailing

TrueFire is an online guitar instruction site with about as much information as you could yearn for in pretty much any field you could seek to expand your intellectual jurisdiction in. You want to learn more about blues or jazz? No problem. Pentatonics and modes still not up to par? Resources covered. And they’re not just covered. They’re covered by pros that have established themselves in the music industry firmly. A quick browse through their educators page revealed names including Robben Ford, Tommy Emmanuel, Matthew Brandt, Jeff Beasley, and Stu Hamm to name just a few.

The lessons are available from simple video tutorials to whole courses and workshops with robust curriculum. And I haven’t even mentioned the online tools yet. They’ve got the essentials covered from metronomes and tuners to scale and chord charts to jam tracks and more, so they’ve got something for practically any guitarist’s needs.

What Does a Team-up Between Line 6 and TrueFire Mean?

It’s quite simple. As I’d mentioned above, you don’t even need to take my word on this. If you sign up for Line 6’s mailing list at any time within the month of July (July 1st through July 31st) you’ll get access to a month of TrueFire along with Line 6 updates, artist interviews, and more tutorials on top of everything else completely free of charge. 30 days of in depth tutorials on any subject that questions can be asked about straight from the pros. There really isn’t any reason not to give it a shot, so you can swing by Line 6’s web site to sign up.

Addendum – TrueFire on the Inside

Having just signed up myself I may as well tell you what all else comes with the package. I’m given a 3-month trial of TrueFire TV – access to a library of over 20,000 video guitar lessons, a jam track library littered with tracks from a huge range of styles, a 25% off discount off my first order, $10 of TrueFire cash used towards the courses, and access to forums, blogs, and newsletters. That’s all in addition to everything listed above.

After doing general coverage I’m haphazardly switching gears to deliver a quick improvised review of what all I’m seeing here. I’ve already watched a few videos of some absolutely killer licks. There are charts, PoweTab files, and jam tracks that accompany the lessons, and insofar it’s well explained and pretty damn cool. The instructors and the lessons really are worth bragging about.

One last thing that I think is really worth mentioning. At no point in the signup process was I asked to input any credit card information nor was I told after my trial month(s) I’d automatically be charged anything unless I manually canceled before the period ended. Basically you sign up and you instantly have access to pretty much everything and if it’s not in your budget or you’re forgetful about deadlines (like me) or whatever your reason may be, you’re not conned into a monthly fee that sneaks in under the radar. Anyone that’s been zapped by things like that can respect something like this.

Anyway, so far so good. It looks like a lot of fun and there’s really no reason to not give it a look, so what’re you waiting for? Christmas doesn’t come before July 31st.

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