Line 6 M5 Pedal Giveaway

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So I was just walking down a semingly endless flight of stairs to about Deep 13 to see what our personal staff of mad scientists have been cooking up for the next installment of the Giveaway Saga, and lo and behold.  What do they have for us?  A Line 6 M5 Stompbox Modeler.

Why it seemed like just yesterday when we posted our own review of the ol’ M5.  If you haven’t read the review and/or watched my dashing display of daring devotion to describe the diabolical device, or listen to the various MP3s here .

I’ve also go this weird obsession with giving people a new personal background to go along with the victory.  If you’ve been a reader for very long then you know what I mean.  If you’re new to the game then you can see some previous examples of what I’ll do should you happen to win.

Some people would consider that a worthy prize on its own.

Now down to business.

If you’re reading this then the contest is active unless it’s after October 31st.  You’ve got a shade over two weeks as of this writing, so act now while supplies last.  Get ’em while they’re hot.

How to Register to Win:

You can register via Facebook or Twitter, or if you want to have two chances to win, you can register with Facebook AND Twitter!

Twitter Users:

1 – Make sure you are a follower on twitter, and remain one until we choose a winner. You might just want to stay a follower because you’ll automatically be signed up for future contests.

2 – Tweet something like this “I just signed up to win Line 6 M5 Stompbox Modeler from #line6stompgive”. You need to leave that hashtag in place, that’s how we track the Twitter entries. Or you can click here to do this really quickly.

Facebook Users:

1 – Like our page on facebook, located here. Stay that way at least until the end of the contest. Again, if you just remain a fan of the page, you’ll have a head start on any other contests.

2 – Like the contest page with the like button, which just happens to be this page. The Like button is at the top.

Other Rules:

1.  All applicants must wash behind ears before entering.

2.  Shoes and shirts are mandatory.  Pants are at the discretion of the wearer.

3.  While not absolutely necessary it is greatly appreciated that you brush your teeth upon waking up.

4.  Should you choose to waive your right to do so you subsequently waive your right to do anything that involves opening your mouth.

5.  You must listen exclusively to Hulk Big Knife from now on.

6.  Make sure you have the dishes done before I get home.

7.  Also make sure you send Jameson an email completely describing your last trip to the doctor.

8.  Bonus points if your last trip involved a prostate exam.

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Kyle Smitchens

Kyle Smitchens is the Guitar-Muse Managing Editor, super hero extraordinaire, and all around great guy. He has been playing guitar since his late teens and writing personal biographies almost as long. An appreciator of all music, his biggest influences include Tchaikovsky, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Steve Vai, Therion, and Jon Levasseur of Cryptopsy.

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Matt Roach
Matt Roach
11 years ago

Nevermind, I found it.

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