Line 6 Pod HD300 Review

Line 6 Guitar Products

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Our Review on the Line 6 Pod HD300

Line 6 Guitar Products

This baby really is incredible, with an impressive amount of functionality and a ton of features.

Line 6 really went out of their way to duplicate the 16 amps they chose to include with this pedal.

All of these models are reworked fresh – from the ground up and based on 18 years of Line 6’s amp modeling experience and R&D.

You can also hook it to your computer and create your own sounds with limitless possibilities.

Here is The Smitchens, with a little video review for you.

[rating: 5] 5.0 – Construction

[rating: 4.5] 4.5 – Ease of Use

[rating: 5] 5.0 – Sound Quality

[rating: 4.5] 4.5 – Effects Quality

[rating: 5] 5.0 – Amp Models

[rating: 4.5] 4.5 – Back Panel Connections

[rating: 4.5] 4.5 – Display

[rating: 5] 5.0 – Bang for your Buck

[rating:overall] 4.75



Video Review:


If you’re here about the giveaway, it’s finished!

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11 years ago

… I want it O.O

Ed Greenwald
Ed Greenwald
11 years ago

It’s mine, mine, mine

jay boyles
11 years ago

we used your gear on my c.d.Intelligent mess and was stoked..thanks

George Robinson
George Robinson
11 years ago

Tax time is good,it means refunds can be used to buy guitars!!!!!!

Dave Kennedy
Dave Kennedy
11 years ago

Tax day is April 18 this year…

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