Line 6 Spider Valve MkII 112 Combo Guitar Amplifier

Line 6 Spider 112 Combo Amplifier

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Line 6 Spider 112 Combo Amplifier
Line 6 Spider 112 Combo Amplifier

The Spider 112 goes from Boutique to advanced model editing in one smart package.

Line 6 brought the skills of Reinhold Bogner, a very well known amp designer together with their own team of talented engineers to bring us this extremely flexible  amp.

Reinhold Bogner himself came to the USA from Germany in 1989, and wasted no time in becoming one of the most popular custom amp guys in Los Angeles.

Folks like Steve Stevens, Allan Holdsworth, and Steve Vai have all trusted him to modify or custom build their amps for them.

Once Reinhold had successfully modified Eddie Van Halen’s Marshall Plexi, The Bogner Amplification story began.

Line 6 has taken a very methodical approach to guitar amplification and signal processing, starting in the mid 90’s.

Basically they purchased and restored a lot (dozens? hundreds?) of classic guitar amps and set about measuring every measurable aspect of their sound.

From there, they have built a reputation for being the best in the amp modeling category.

So what does the synergy between  Line 6 and Bogner bring us in the Spider 112?

Well, for starters you get 16 of Line 6’s most advanced amp models, from American, European and British Classics.

When you select one of the amp models, the Equalizer reacts just like the EQ on the original amp.

It features twenty effects, each with up to 6 parameters for your tweaking pleasure.

Is it a “real” tube amp or one of the many that contains weak flat sounding tubes just for the sake of calling it a tube amp?

It’s real – and that’s where Bogner comes in.

Bogner has designed the preamp (300 Volts) and the power amp (450 Volts) which produces the texture and richness you expect from a good tube amp.

The chain of sound is made up of two 12AX7 preamp tubes, and then 6L6 power tubes, and breaks up the airwaves with a 12 inch Celestian speaker.

You can preset to your heart’s content with 128 user presets, you can bypass the tubes for “Studio Mode”, which just includes the effects circuitry.

You can also go into manual mode, strip it down to nothing, and build your sound from there.

With other features like a built in tuner, a large LCD display, MIDI integration, this amp is the whole package.

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