Line 6 StageSource L3s Subwoofer

Line 6 L3S

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StageSource L3s

Line 6 L3S
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With Line 6’s L3t loudspeaker shipping one might rhetorically ask themselves “but what about me and all my cranked lows and scooped mids?” I’m here to tell you don’t you worry because Line 6 thought about that in advance as well and have likewise shipped the StageSound L3s subwoofer speaker to make your signal so low it’s more so felt in the ground shaking rather than heard.

The L3s Smart Mode

The L3s shares a lot of the same design specs as the L3t, but they are implemented differently. The smart mode is one of those features. Being that this is a subwoofer and bass is the primary concern the available modes are specific to the needs for lower sounds. Available are four modes including “Reference”, “High Punch Mode”, Extended Bass Mode”, and “Ultra Bass Mode”.

PA Modes: Reference And High Punch Mode

Reference mode is kind of like a default mode for PA systems keeping the flat frequency down to 30hz. High Punch Mode raises the enforced frequency up to about 80hz and is optimized to help give the drums some extra umph.

DJ Modes: Extended Bass And Ultra Bass Mode

Both DJ Modes keep the frequency way down in the lows, the Extended Bass Mode thriving in the 40hz area and the Ultra Bass Mode boosting the 30hz territory, both are certain to make the room rumble.

The StageSource uses four crossover frequency settings to 80hz, 100hz, 120hz, and off.

The StageSource And L6 LINK

Line 6 L3S Back View
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The StageSource is no stranger to Line 6’s magic touch with the L6 LINK input giving you the a much more accessible setup with auto self-configuration, stereo panning, and optimization. Should you have multiple StageSource speakers connected with L6 LINK all channel assignments will take care of themselves for you. Should it be connected to other speaker models like the L3t or L3m automatically configures the left, right, and center channels.

Other Specs

The StageSource L3s uses stereo in, out, and thru to connect to additional hardware or speakers, and the two 12 inch speakers are 1,200 watt, bi-amplified. The speakers are mounted in a heavy-duty plywood enclosure with a steel grate guarding the cones from any rough and tumble action that may direct it towards your precious speakers that would yield otherwise unwanted side effects upon them.

The StageSource L3s can compliment your live sound for $1,199.99 easily.

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