Line 6 Unveils the POD HD Pro Rack Processor

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The Line 6 POD HD Pro Rack Multi-effects Processor

Line 6 POD HD PRO Rack Multi Effects Processor
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Looks like Line 6 is at it again, bringing the HD PODs to the next level as a rack mount.  Much to the tune of the fabled POD X3 Pro we now have the POD HD Pro, as no doubt many people could have predicted would come sooner or later.

Once again you too can harness the power of Line 6’s HD modeling technology.  Within the sleek, black chasis that houses all of the delicious components that turn dreams into realities is 22 HD guitar amp models and 22 HD guitar pre-amp models for all of your tube driving needs.  Additional amp tweaking features include modeling a single-ended class A tube, class AB push/pull interactions, and control over how the power supply behaves with your signal.  Now that’s micro managed.

And because Line 6 is just that nice they’ve included over 100 M-class effects which are built upon the shoulders of such giants as Line 6’s DL4 delay pedal, and the M13, M9, and M5 stompbox pedals.  In case you haven’t needed to change your under garments yet, they’ve also pitched in 8 new mic models, and 16 new cab models which encompass taster’s choice from modern, vintage, and boutique-inspired cabs.

What’s that you say?  What about the jacks?  Well funny you should ask.  The POD HD Pro is armed to the teeth with digital and analog I/O jacks. The HD Pro also has AES/EBU I/O jacks which also works as Line 6’s proprietary L6 LINK jack.  If you’re out of the loop you can plug into Line 6’s DT tube amps and gives you your pick of the litter of a nigh limitless selection of boutique amp tones.  And because Line 6 knows not of when to stop they’ve also got a Variax digital input jack for plugging in their Variax guitar.

In addition it has balanced stereo XLR out, unbalanced stereo 1/4 jacks out, one XLR in armed with phantom power, stereo FX send and return jacks, dry output, and and FBV jack for good measure.

The POD HD Pro also comes stock with a 48-second looper which can be controlled manually with an FBV connected MkII Shortboard foot controller giving you the same dry, 1/2 speed, and layering controls found in the POD HD Desktop.

Looking at a picture of the front of the HD Pro you can easily discern that it shares very similar controls to the previous POD HD models with the big knob amp controls, the big pedal chain LED display, and the mic controls on the far left.  It’s very easy to expect that being able to use one means you’ll be able to work on this one with ease.

This will have an MSRP of $979, but as usual, street price should be a bit lower.

The release date is yet to be announced, but as soon as it’s available, we’ll have that info for you too.

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