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Line 6Since the unveiling, releasing, and extensive toying around with the Line 6 POD HD effects, the various Spider amps, and the James Tyler Variax modeling guitars, Line 6 has been busy laboring away at giving the consumers even more bang for their already spent buck and the results are here.

If you have a pension for not checking your email, or your spam filter is a bit more liberal than it should when deciding what qualifies as spam then allow me to assist you in being informed that updates are available.

If you’ve been contemplating snatching any of these up then here is even more content available for what you’ll be getting.

POD HD Effects

We’ve had our hands on a couple of POD HD effects in the past so you can look into those to see what else they have available, but available now are more amps to model and more tools to assist you.

The guitar PODs include new Plexi Lead NRM and Plexi Lead BRT amp models based on the normal and bright inputs of Marshall’s Plexi 1959 Super Lead head.

For the guitars there is a new vintage HD mice preamp model based on the Requisite Y7 and offers the user control over gain, high and low pass filters, phase, and output. On the bass side there are eight new mic choices for the HD amp models offering models based on the Shure SM57 and SM7B, Sennheiser 421, AKG D12 and D112, EV RE20, Heil PR40, and Neumann U47.

James Variax Guitar

On the side of the Variax modeling guitars a number of new updates have been added and seamless improvements are included.

New acoustic modeling has been added to add more depth to the sound to help with the five new acoustic models included. Those models are based on the Martin D28, D12-28, 0-18, the Guild 12 string, and the Gibson J200 acoustic guitars.

The Variax tone and volume knobs now have the ability to work as manual controls for expression pedals to tweak delay time, drive, filter, etc. The Variax toggle switch allows you to customize whether the tone, volume, and pickup selector switch will control models and pickups simultaneously or separately as to affect one parameter at a time.

New input selections permit you to assign magnetic pickup configurations and models per the POD HD presets as well as a memory bank to recall your previous settings so you can leave for an hour or so, grab some lunch, maybe pretend to listen to your mother while you’re at it, then come back with your guitar set just the way you left it so you might continue as though you were never gone.

Custom tunings are even easier to set and save with your POD HD presets allowing you to store up to 512 tunings that can be accessed with the click of a footswitch, and finishing it off is the Variax control mode that lets you assign models and settings globally or per-preset. You can also tinker with it manually for what it’s worth, but who likes doing things manually these days? That’s why robots were invented.

Spider FX Infusion

Finishing this up is the Spider amp updates. Available now are over 50 effects right at your disposal including the original 28 Infusion update.


  • Bronze Master
  • Dingo Tron (down switch on)
  • Facial Fuzz
  • Classic Distortion
  • Tube Drive


  • Blue Comp Treb Compressor (treble switch off)
  • Line 6 Comp
  • Line 6 Vetta Comp


  • Line 6 2-band Parametric EQ


  • Line 6 Brite Room Reverb
  • Line 6 Cavernous Reverb
  • Line 6 Dark Hall
  • Line 6 Rich Chamber
  • Line 6 Slap Plate Reverb
  • Line 6 Standard Spring Reverb


  • Echo Platter
  • Line 6 Phaze Eko
  • Tube Echo


  • Analog Square Chorus
  • Line 6 Expo Chorus
  • Line 6 POD Purple X
  • Line 6 Random Sample and Hold
  • Line 6 Square Flange
  • Line 6 Tape Eater


  • Chrome Custom Wah
  • Conductor Wah
  • Fassel Wah
  • Throaty Wah

By now you might be thinking to yourself “well gee this is all fine and dandy, but what do I look like I’m made of? Hundred dollar bills?” Line 6 thought of that as well. Before pushing this public they looked everything over and patched in a quick line of code that makes it all completely free to download. All you need to do is swing by or, if compatible, use the Line 6 Monkey to update. Everything is better when it’s free, right?

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