Slash 1966 Gibson EDS Doubleneck Guitar

Make Room For Slash’s Gibson Double Neck Guitar

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Announcing the Slash 1966 EDS-1275 Doubleneck

So, remember back in the day, when Guns ‘n’ Roses used to perform Dylan’s “Knockin On Heaven’s Door”? And onstage, Slash would come out with this killer Gibson SG style double neck guitar?

That guitar can now be yours. Well, a copy of it can be. The original was a 1966 EDS-1275, and this is an exact replica. 

The necks are one piece solid mahogany and a necessarily large solid mahogany body, so one thing we know right off the bat – is that this thing is gonna be heavy

The necks are C shaped, and sport Indian rosewood fingerboards. The pickups are Alnico II Custombuckers. 

It also comes with a certificate of authenticity, and a vintage hard shell case – because you probably don’t have a case laying around that this thing is gonna fit in. 

This is made by the folks at the Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville, TN., and there will only be 125 of them made. 

Slash picked up the original on the road during the “Use Your Illusions” tour, and of course the need was for “Knockin On Heaven’s Door”. The story began when his tour manager showed him a picture of a black Gibson Double Neck guitar, and Slash fell in love with it. 

The only difference in this guitar over the original is that Slash had it rewired to operate more like a Les Paul, as far as the location of the tone and volume pots. 

Check our the video below for more of that story.


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