Martin Guitars To Protect Against Counterfeitting With DNA Science

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Martin Guitars

Martin GuitarsThey’ve been making acoustic guitars for over 175 years and have a 6th generation CEO, Chris (C.F.) Martin IV. In that time, they have contributed many innovations to the instrument we all love, including X-bracing, and the Dreadnought size guitar.

Who wouldn’t want to copy them?

Well, imitation is one thing, but counterfeiting will be taken much more seriously by Martin in the future, and they’ve got science on their side.

Within the next year, Martin will be announcing implementation plans on how they will partner with Applied DNA Sciences to ( ) which creates DNA based measures to protect products from counterfeits.

CEO Chris Martin Said:

People around the world know the high level of quality that is inherent in each and every guitar that features the C. F. Martin logo, and protecting our intellectual property is of vital importance, as we face new counterfeit-related challenges at home and abroad …

Applied DNA Sciences President and CEO adds this:

Martin Guitar has earned an unparalleled reputation for product integrity and a commitment to exceptional quality. Our SigNature DNA technology will be instrumental in providing Martin Guitar with protection against global counterfeiting threats which ultimately protects Martin and its worldwide consumer group …

So how do they do it?

Applied DNA Sciences has been known for protecting and verifying the authenticity of many products, including luxury goods, police uniforms, and English wool.

The system planned for use in Martin Guitars is the Sig Nature DNA system, which is a botanical mark that will be used to authenticate products in a way that can not easily be duplicated.

The system can also be used to provide forensic evidence to prosecute counterfeiters.

Of course nobody knows the exact details on how Martin and ADNAS plan to implement this security, but it’s speculated that it might have something to do with DNA markers being placed in the finish of the guitar.

We utilize large, complex plant-derived and encrypted genomic (DNA) sequences to prepare SigNature DNA markers. The utility of these markers as a security mark has been validated in studies funded by the Department of Energy at the US National Laboratories.


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