Mesa Boogie Transatlantic Lunchbox Tube Amp w/video demo

Mesa Boogie Transatlantic TA-15 Guitar Amp

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Mesa Boogie Transatlantic TA-15 Guitar AmpEvery so often a company makes a product that rips your face off. Here comes the little lunchbox amp from Mesa called the Transatlantic. It’s small but realistically…you won’t need another amp unless you are an amp conneissuer.

This little amp head has a growl like a big amp. It’s 2 channels with a foot switch. Channel one doubles as a clean/overdriven channel while channel 2 is always overdriven, but with more blues tones.

The flexibility is pretty broad as you can crank mids and lows and get a hi gain feel on any of the choices, and you can also scoop mids and get some more metal out of the tones. Your clean sounds are really thick and sweet without distortion. The second channel also cleans up pretty nice with a small amount of tweaking.

Each channel has a wattage setting so you can get more pre amp or power amp from the channel, hence dramatically changing your sounds, feels and adaptations.

It also comes with a carrying bag which looks like a pro level video camera bag and it has compartments for all your gadgets.

Pretty nice accessory from Mesa.

If you were going to play strictly metal, you would need to grab a mean distortion pedal, because the final “max gain” is less than a metal player would appreciate. Other than that, the tone is worth twice the price and you really won’t need another amp…ever.

Marc Amendola is a Connecticut Musician who produces artists, teaches guitar & fronts the rock band Fear The State. Find out more about Marc at

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9 years ago

Hey, Mark…
Quite the little dynamo.


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