Michael Schenker Is Hitting The Rocky Road For A Tour

Michael Schenker

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Michael Shenker’s New Tour

Michael Schenker
Michael Schenker

Just this past October, Michael Schenker (well known for his guitar work with The Scorpions, and UFO) released his new rock album Temple of Rock for his solo project aptly named after himself.

Now it’s time for the tour – and supporting him in all of this will be Robin McAuley who has worked with Schenker quite a number of times in the past.

Here is a list of all the currently announced tour dates, and for the most part the locations at which the concert will be performed.

Be sure to check with your ticket outlet for confirmation and pricing.

Don’t miss it – below the tour dates we’ve got a little information on the man’s history as well as two videos of Michael in action.

Tour Dates

02.15.12 – San Francisco, CA – Mezzanine
02.16.12 – Santa Rosa, CA – The Last Day Saloon
02.17.12 – Portland, OR – Dantes
02.18.12 – Tacoma, WA – Backstage Bar & Grill
02.19.12 – Seattle, WA – Studio Seven
02.20.12 – Victoria, BC – 9 One 9 Nightclub
02.21.12 – Vancouver, BC – Venue Nightclub
02.23.12 – Orangevale, CA – The Boardwalk
02.24.12 – Corona, CA – Marquee 15
02.25.12 – West Hollywood, CA – House of Blues
02.26.12 – San Diego, CA – 4th and B Concert Theater
02.28.12 – Somewhere – Hasn’t been announced yet. But they’re sure something’s happening on this day.
03.01.11 – Libertyville, IL – Austins
03.03.12 – Detroit, MI – Harpos
03.04.12 – Etobicoke, ON – The Rock Pile
03.05.12 – Cleveland, OH – Peabody’s
03.07.12 – Springfield, VA – JAXX
03.08.12 – Foxborough, MA – Showcase Live
03.09.12 – Aasbury Park, NJ – The Stone Pony
03.10.12 – New York, NY – The Gramercy Theater
03.11.12 – Allentown, PA – Crocodile Rock
03.15.12 – Also nothing announced, but there is action bound to happen so watch out.
03.16.12 – San Antonio, TX – Backstage Live SA
03.17.12 – Dallas, TX – Trees
03.18.12 – Another unannounced location. Maybe it’s actually a secret.
03.20.12 – Or maybe it’s a conspiracy. Gasp. Michael Schenker is really an alien?
03.21.12 – Tempe, AZ – Club Red
03.22.12 – Las Vegas, NV – Vamp’d
03.23.12 – Agoura Hills, CA – The Canyon Club
03.24.12 – San Juan Capistrano, CA – The Coach House

More On Michael Schenker

If you don’t know too much about Michael Schenker or you just really dig reading biographies he’s one of the contributing factors to Poison and a big reason for UFO’s success. The German-born rocker has pretty much played guitar his whole life having started when his age was in the single digits and having started gigging when he was 11, some of which was with Poison.

He didn’t really stick with Poison for too terribly long, though. In the early 70s Schenker, who had by then earned quite a reputation, joined forces with UFO which further added to his reputation. Come the late 70s Schenker had left and began working on his solo project the Michael Schenker Group or MSG which could allude to the idea that copious amounts of Schenker’s music is bad for your health, or it could be an inadvertent coincidence. I don’t know personally. I haven’t read anything one way or another so I’m just gonna set that there and let it nest.

Another band was formed along the way, the McAuley Schenker Group, also donning the same acronym, which teamed Schenker with vocalist Robin McAuley who is joining up for the tour. Purists may rejoice

Because we don’t have a review of the album itself anywhere to be found on the site we can’t link you to that for further details, but after a tumultuous traipsing through the jungle that is YouTube I’ve found a few tracks off the new album so you can hear for yourself and ponder on whether or not you’d like to go. Go nuts.

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