Micro POG from Electro Harmonix

EHX Micro Pog Pedal

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EHX Micro Pog Pedal
The Micro Pog

The micro POG by electro harmonix is a great pedal for a pedal board that adds a little kick in the clean and a twist in the distorted tones. The micro POG is small enough to fit into any pedal board, yet it has a lot of the quality tones that come from the original POG pedal; but that’s a lot bigger and more expensive.

The Micro POG comes with 3 knobs as well as three ins/outs and of course…the stomp switch. Good old fashion chrome push button as you know EH to come with.  There is also a power port in the back of the pedal.

POG stands for Polyphonic Octave Generator. So this pedal makes many octaves and tight phase shifts. The 3 knobs on the face control the mix, the sub-octave and the higher octave. Play with these enough and you can get some great sounds and tones reminiscint of many chorus’ and harmonizer at the same time.

There is one input and 2 outputs on this pedal. One of the outputs is wet and one is dry so you send them to different amps or even through the loop return and input. It’s a great idea, especially since it opens up more mix possibilities with all the tone you can get with the Micro POG. Spread those speakers wider apart and the depth gets large. Electro Harmonix stuff is amazing and this piece is no different.

The micro POG doesn’t have the flexibility of the POG and although there are a lot of cool sounds coming from the Micro POG the POG is a better pedal with more flexibility. That also means more price and more real estate on your pedal board.

Marc Amendola is a Connecticut Musician who produces artists, teaches guitar &

fronts the rock band Fear The State. Find out more about Marc at www.marcamendola.com.

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