Multi-Effect Comparison Part II – Rack Mount Effects

DigiTech GSP1101 Processor

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Previously on Guitar-Muse comparisons. Effects are miracles in a box that you can aggressively stomp the brains out of. The level of awesome is proportionately increased ad infinitum when more effects are compacted into one pedal for the ultimate in sound smithing.

For one reason or another some effects just might not suit someone’s needs on the floor. Hence the entire market of rack mount effects. For this one I’ve thrown my comparison criteria to the wind and decided to see how things looked up against each other for the hell of it. Without further adieu, let us get to what you’ve already probably skipped past this paragraph for.

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DigiDesigns Avid Eleven Processor

The Avid Eleven has been praised for being an all around really good interface as well as a rack-mount effect processor. It includes a copy of ProTools LE that’s been tailored to work with it, so its interface side is as readily accessible as one may hope, though due to the excess of contents in it, it’s been argued to have a bit steep of a learning curve.

DigiTech GSP1101 Processor

DigiTech’s rack mountable processor, the GSP1101 has garnered praise for being able to do what most any guitarist could want from an effect processor. Got an amp you want to model? Done. Want X modulation or delay or whatever effect? It’s there. This is an older model of a processor, so depending on how “get with the times” you are, that may have some sway on your opinion, but hey. It’s still alive and kicking, so it must be doing something right.

Fractal Audio Systems Axe-FX II Processor

The dirt on the Axe-FX II is that there has been an extremist’s attention to detail put into the hardware and power of this unit that really raises the bar for the quality of the sound, and per the general consensus does a really good job at it. The most intimidating factor, and most obvious scapegoat for a con, is the price tag. At $2,599.95 the Axe-FX II and not being available through any of the big online retailers (thus taking interest free financing out as an option), it kinda skews the potential demographic a bit more.

Line 6 POD HD Pro

The POD HD Pro is the most bolstered POD to date. We’ve given the basic rundown of the POD HD Pro here, but we’ve actually done a more in depth write-up on it when it was unveiled. All of your curiosity will be better alleviated here.

TC Electronic G-Major 2 Processor

The G-Major 2 processor gets right down to the point. When it comes to effects there is a great deal that is just understood to be included, and the G-Major meets those expectations. A look over the specs, however, can tell you that if it’s bells and whistles you’re after it’s probably not candidate 1.

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