NAMM 2013: Fender Part Three

2013 Fender Jazzmaster HH

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Continuing with the Select Series

2013 Fender Jazzmaster HHThe highly acclaimed Fender Select Series welcomes an all-new lineup of instruments for 2013. These finely crafted models join seven previously released instruments, and put decades of Fender expertise on display with elegant features and design options for discerning musicians everywhere.
The striking new Fender Select Carved Maple Top Jazzmaster HH, a distinctive high-end version of a venerable Fender classic, boasts a potent pair of new Wide Range Special humbucking pickups and a “channel-bound” rosewood fingerboard—a brand-new Fender innovation in which the compound-radius (9.5″-14″) rosewood fingerboard is “inlaid” into the thick modern “C”-shaped maple neck. In addition to creating a stylish new look, it imparts an amazingly comfortable fretting-hand feel in which both edges are pleasingly rounded, with no side seam between neck and fingerboard.
2013 Fender Select Telecaster HHThe new Fender Select Telecaster HH is powerful, beautiful and light, with a potent pair of Wide Range Special humbucking pickups, chambered alder body, gorgeous Malaysian blackwood top, comfortable back contour and Natural gloss lacquer finish. Its modern “C”-shaped birdseye maple neck has a comfortable contoured heel, satin lacquer finish and Bi-Flex truss rod system; the compound radius birdseye maple fingerboard has 22 medium jumbo frets and a gloss lacquer finish.

More info on the rest of the new Select Series is available on the Fender website:

Fender Announces New and Updated Amps

2013 Fender 57 BandmasterThe late-’50s tweed-covered Fender Bandmaster guitar amplifier combined great looks with sweet tone and powerful performance. As one of the true holy-grail amps among guitarists and collectors, vintage examples are rare and highly prized.
The new ’57 Bandmaster amp now joins the Custom series, with all-tube hand-wired circuitry and premium components. The original 5E7 circuit has been faithfully reproduced to pump about 26 watts through three 10″ Jensen P10R-F speakers voiced for warm, sensitive response. The Bandmaster amp’s legendary clean tones are perfect for vintage rock, blues and country styles, while its naturally touch-sensitive overdrive tone sounds electrifying—especially when cranked up.

Which Mustang is for you?
2013 Mustang Fender AmpThe Mustangs are digital amps with effects and amp models built in. They start with the portable battery powered Mustang I and go up to the 150w Mustang V head, in various configurations and features. All contain user preset storage, Fuse Software, and full “tweakability” so you can create your own signature sounds. The amp models range from the ’57 Champ to all out, in-your-face metal tones, and some great models in between. They include a USB cable for connection to your computer where the Fuse Software lets you massage the effects parameters to create your distinct sound.

Fender® FUSE™ Software & Community
Connect Mustang to your computer with free Fender FUSE software. Open up a world of possibilities, including on-screen parameter control, deep editing, additional effects, unlimited preset storage, online preset swapping with the Fender FUSE community, and free Fender artist presets. I review Fuse and the Mustang amps in Issue Five of “What’s New in Music Stores”, coming soon.

Acoustasonic 15

2013 Fender Acoustasonic 15The Acoustasonic 15 amplifier offers portable amplification for acoustic-electric guitar and microphone. It’s simple and flexible enough for a variety of musical performance or basic public address.

Check out all the new electric guitars, the acoustic guitars from the just announced Fender Acoustic Custom Shop, and the new Fender amps at:

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