NAMM 2013: LTD Elite Guitars and Basses

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LTD Elite Horizon-III Gotoh

The Epitome of Elite

ESP / LTD Guitars have shown up for all the excitement at NAMM 2013 and they brought along a whole cast of new guitars and basses for the ride. With a lineup filled to the brim with ST-1s, Eclipses, Horizons, M-IIs, and J-5s there’s something for every intense metal head out there that wants a guitar for all his or her grinding needs. The guitars you will bear witness to below, the very images of instruments that will blind you with their very essence of righteousness all began in Japan where ESP’s luthiers pieced them together just for you.

But we’re not here for idle chit chat. We’re here to bask in the radiant warmth of more guitars, so enough waiting around. Allons-y.

Elite ST-1

There are two variations on the ST-1. Both are made with an alder body with a quilted maple top and a bolt-on maple neck, Gotoh tuners, and a Floyd Rose for some killer dives. The first variation uses Seymour Duncan pickups and employs a JB at the bridge and a set of Classic Stack Plus single-coils in the middle and neck positions, and brings a maple fretboard to the table. The finishes include aqua marine and see through black cherry.

The alternative uses EMG active pickups and grants access to an 81 in the bridge and two SA single-coils in the neck and middle positions. It switches over to rosewood for the fretboard and comes in a transparent black finish.

Elite Eclipse-I

The new Elite Eclipse also features two different models. Both of these single-cutaway interpretations are built with a mahogany body and a modest flamed maple top and a mahogany set neck decked out with a rosewood fretboard. Both also include Gotoh Magnum Lock tuners and a Gotoh TOM bridge and tailpiece.

The first model’s fretboard goes up to 22 frets and comes with Seymour Duncan humbuckers with a JB in the bridge and a ’59 in the neck and comes smothered in either a seductive tobacco sunburst or a sexy cherry sunburst finish.

The alternative swaps out the Duncans for a set of EMG active humbuckers. EMG’s new 57 rests in the bridge position while a 66 takes residence in the neck position. The fretboard ascends to 24 frets and matches the black hardware with a transparent black finish.

Elite Horizon-III

As the trend continues there are two distinct Horizon-III models. Both share a maple neck-thru design through the alder body with a flamed maple top and an ebony fretboard. Both feature Seymour Duncan humbuckers – a Custom-5 in the bridge and a Jazz in the neck – to channel your every artistic intention from your fingers to the amp. The Horizon-III uses a Gotoh TOM bridge and has a reindeer blue finish massaged gently over its body. The Horizon-III FR comes with a Floyd Rose and got the Dutch massage treatment for its transparent black finish.


The M-II is a shredder’s dream with a maple neck-through design with an alder body and a vibrant flamed maple top, and an ebony fretboard. The Gotoh tuners and Floyd Rose tremolo come in hard and match with the EMG 81 active humbuckers. The M-II is available in transparent black and amber cherry sunburst.

The Basses

LTD has introduced two lines of basses for those who feel great fervor for the bottom end. The J-4 and J-5 are 4 and 5-string models respectively, and they use bolt-on maple necks with chambered ash bodies and quilted maple tops. Both models come in transparent black and amber finishes.

The J-4 uses Gotoh tuners and a Gotoh bridge with a string through body design and Seymour Duncan SJB-1 vintage pickups. The J-5 also uses the Gotoh bridge and tuners, but Uses Seymour Duncan SJ-5 67-70 pickups instead.

You can find even more awesome sites that have been seen from NAMM 2013 right here.  AWESOME!

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