NAMM 2013: Paul Reed Smith Announces This Years Lineup

PRS Pauls Guitar

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New for 2013 NAMM from Paul Reed Smith

For 2013, PRS Guitars is introducing “Paul’s Guitar” and “Paul’s MDT” amplifier – both designed to Paul Reed Smith’s exacting specifications and built to match his own gear. PRS also is offering two new basses, and two guitars for Neal Shon.

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Paul’s Guitar

“These guitars have a highly musical tone and beautiful new look that I love,” said Paul at the announcement. Carrying on the Modern Eagle tradition, Paul’s Guitar is a production version of the Private Stock guitar Paul has been playing in his studio and on the stage.

With exclusive “brushstroke” bird inlays and two narrow 408 pickups, this guitar’s every appointment has been specified by Paul. From the wood selection, inlay design, pickups, neck shape, a new proprietary finish, and newly designed stoptail bridge, every detail matches Paul’s own guitar.

“We’ve been experimenting with a new stoptail bridge with brass inserts that will appear first on this model. The bridge is still our aluminum straight bridge, but the point at which the string starts vibrating, it’s brass to promote the musical high-end of the guitar,” said Paul.

Paul’S MDT Custom

Paul’s MDT adds several new features to his favorite amplifier, expanding the amp’s tonal character and flexibility. The Cinemag transformer adds authentic vintage tone, while a sophisticated clean/dirty switch changes three circuit elements at once to achieve Paul’s ideal clean and gain tones. Midrange and presence controls have also been added to further help with tone sculpting. Paul’s MDT is a single-channel amplifier with two distinct voicings that replicate the tones Paul uses.

Check out the Paul Reed Smith website for more info on Paul’s new offerings:

We don’t say enough about basses here at the Muse so Here are a couple of new ones:

PRS Basses –  Grainger 4 & 5

PRS Guitars has announced the addition of two new basses to their Core product offering: the Grainger 4 and Grainger 5 (shown right). Paul Reed Smith and Gary Grainger began collaborating on what would become Private Stock Gary Grainger basses a decade ago and this announcement brings every product offering available from PRS into the Maryland-made Core line.
Grainger says of his new instruments, “These basses give me everything I need for recording and playing live…all the tone, clarity, power, feel…everything. They are works of art and great tools for working bassists”

Neal Schon NS-14 & NS-15

Neal Schon of Journey is joining the PRS family of artists with two distinct signature models: the NS-14 and NS-15. Neal was intimately involved in the design of nearly every aspect of these instruments, from the stylized f-holes to the hardware details.

The NS-14 is a new design incorporating a 14” semi-hollow singlecut body with a new neck joint designed to allow greater access to the higher frets. The NS-15 is a thinline hollowbody based on the Neal Schon limited edition Private Stock guitar offered in early 2012. The NS-14 and NS-15 add a Floyd Rose to the PRS Core line for the first time.

Neil said, “The new NS-14 and NS-15 PRS guitars are on the cutting edge of now. I love everything about them. These are among the best guitars I’ve ever played.”

There are many more new instruments and another amp in the 2013 PRS lineup that we just don’t have the space for. Check the Paul Reed Smith website for complete details and specs:

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