NAMM 2014: BC Rich Mockingbird Plus FR

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Introducing the Mockingbird Plus FR

MockingbirdPerhaps I’m a bit more excited for the 2014 Winter NAMM than any other year. Naturally it’s always a bit of a joy to ruffle through the surge of press releases, kind of like the placebo effect one gets from thumbing through a magazine. Having recently paid off my car, I have a substantial increase in extra spending cash from month to month and to say the least I’ve had this aching desire to impulsively buy some new chunk of gear to celebrate.

And what better time?

As I’ve been browsing candidates, the first thing that caught my attention was BC Rich’s newest addition to its roster. The new Mockingbird Plus FR. Perhaps it’s not the most inventive model name, but it works. We all know what we’re getting into.

Speaking of knowing what we’re getting into…

The Specs

I think the majority of the specs on the new Mockingbird should be relatively familiar. The guitar features a mahogany body with a figured maple top that glistens with a Black Vapor finish. Complementing the bold, dark body is a Floyd Rose tremolo, an accompanying locking nut, and die-cast tuners, all in black.

But what makes this guitar stand out from previous installments is curiously not just the Floyd Rose that has wedged its way into the model name. Rather it’s the maple set neck with an ebony fretboard. Most, if not all, Mockingbirds I’ve come across have had a neck-through design, but not this one. However, it’s not as though they’ve 100% abandoned the neck-through feel. For this guitar they’ve still shaped the neck joint to be more contoured like a neck-through.

And of course, lest we forget, the electronics. What would an electric guitar be without the mighty influence of electricity? The sound comes from the set of BC Rich humbuckers as well as BC Rich’s standard master tone, master volume, and three-way pickup selector.

Mockingbird Plus FR

Obviously this guitar was just announced, so I haven’t had any more of a chance to play it than anyone else outside of BC Rich, but BC Rich’s necks have always been some of my favorites, and I’m interested in seeing how they’ve treated the set neck. Mockingbirds also usually tend to have thicker necks, so I’m also interested in seeing if they’ve slimmed the neck as a whole up as well.

The MSRP unveiled with the announcement is $640, so it will probably go down to only a few hundred for the street price, so I am preemptively nominating the Mockingbird Plus FR as impulse-buy worthy.

Kyle Smitchens

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