NAMM Amp News: Peavey, Orange, and Marshall

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Orange Releases Dual Dark Series

OrangeOrange has launched the Dual Dark Series, the highest gain amps the company has ever released.

Available in both 100 watt and 50 watt versions with attenuators and low impedance effects loops controlled by foot switch. The Dual Dark 50 can be attenuated to 25 watts and the output of the Dual Dark 100 is switchable to 100, 70, 50 or 30 watts. Delivering the highest gain Orange has ever produced, the Dual Dark Series builds on the Orange ultimate British guitar tone with these dual channel innovative amps.

The Dual Dark Series have brand new voicing for channel A, different from anything else in the Orange line but remaining true to the Orange heritage. The Dark Terror tone is evident in channel B, allowing the amp to produce great clean tone to serious crunch at low gain levels yet offer four gain stages for superior versatility.

The British tonal favorite EL-34 power tubes come standard but other tetrode tubes, think 6L6s, can be used when the amp is re-biased by your technician

For more info, check in at the Orange website – Orange Amplification.

In other amp news, Peavey releases ReValver 4

Peavey ReValverPeavey released their completely redesigned ReValver software with new amp modeling that more accurately creates real tube characteristics.

The original ReValver was known for its amp modeling down to the component level for truly accurate sound. Peavey has now updated ReValver 4’s modeling engine, bringing the latest software up a few notches in tone shaping ability.

Based on feedback from the large user community, ReValver 4 will run on Windows tablets, improving workflow and the user experience. The redesigned GUI separates the effects, amps/cabs and pedal board into their own views for easier navigation, resulting in an ideal live performance rig with a Windows tablet and audio interface running Revalver 4 software.

GIG mode has been enhanced to allow 8 loadable and MIDI assignable user presets for more seamless switching. The Audio Cloning Technology (ACT) modules allow the user to shape the guitar’s sound into different guitars and even different instruments before the amp and even mimic different guitar rigs after the amp modeling stages. ReValver’s cabinet modeling features allow control of speakers and mic type and placement, giving the user tone shaping options like never before. The Pro Tools AAX plug-in format is supported and ReValver now hosts both VST and AU format plug-ins within Pro Tools. You can start with the free version of ReValver, and purchase additional content at the new ReValver Store to expand the possibilities.

For more info –

In the “CAN YOU DIG IT” class:

MarshallMarshall has released the new, limited edition Custom Shop Tattoo Series amps.

Five of the hottest UK tattoo artists, Emily Wood, Phil Kyle, Vicky Morgan, Tutti Serra and Antony Flemming, supplied the artwork for the series. In total, there are 15 image/product combinations; three JVM amp and cab/combo amps, each with one image from all five tattooists. (Emily Wood’s Black Heart Tattoo pictured.)

The five artists were given an open brief, allowing them to really tune in to Marshall’s rock ‘n’ roll sensibilities by giving the products their own identity but still maintain the artist’s individual style.

The amps selected for this series are the 100 watt JVM410H head with the 1960A cab, the 50 watt JVM215C combo and the 1 watt JVM1-H head with C110 cab.

To see all the designs, visit Marshall

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