New Album From Joe Bonamassa – Driving Towards The Daylight

Joe Bonamassa - Driving Towards The Daylight

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Driving Towards The Daylight Now Available

Joe Bonamassa - Driving Towards The DaylightIt’s been a long and excruciating wait since last year, but the wait is finally over. Joe Bonamassa’s new album Driving Towards the Daylight is available. The new rock and blues album reflective of Bonamassa’s guitar stylistic days of yore is available in sweet, sweet abundance.  Where can you snatch a copy of your own? Pretty much anywhere. Anywhere worth a shit anyway. Best Buy, iTunes, Amazon. You name it.

Bonamassa On Driving Towards The Daylight

Joe Bonamassa has commented numerous times that the prime goal of Driving Towards the Daylight was to really break things down and get back to his roots blues and rock and roll without necessarily sacrificing his interest in exploration and trying new things. When it came to deciding the kind of gear he would be using the descriptions are not unlike describing a vintage fanatic’s wet dream. He used two of his 59 Les Pauls, a 60 Les Paul, a handful of Telecasters, and a grab bag of additional vintage guitars.

The Contributing Musicians

When you buy an album from any musician’s solo project you go in seeking the sound and style of the guy whose name is on the front and in the biggest font size. Joe Bonamassa is no different, but Driving Towards the Daylight is not an exercise in hearing him do everything by himself. Quite removed from that, actually as the Driving Towards the Daylight flourishes in merging musicians together for the greater good.

Joe Bonamassa covers all the vocals himself and of course he plays the guitar. On guitar he is joined by Brad Whitford, Harrison Whitford, Blondie Chaplin, and Pat Thrall. On bass Michael Rhodes and Carmine Rojas come along for the ride. Anton Fig covers all the drums and percussion, Arlan Schierbaum nails down the keyboards, and Jeff Bova and the Bovaland Brass on brass (if you can imagine that).

Track Listing

  1. Dislocated Boy
  2. Stones In My Passway
  3. Driving Towards the Daylight
  4. Who’s Been Talkin?
  5. (I Got) All You Need
  6. A Place in My Heart
  7. Lonely Town, Lonely Street
  8. Heavenly Soul
  9. New Coat of Paint
  10. Somewhere Trouble Don’t Go
  11. Too Much Ain’t Enough Love

A Pu Pu Platter Of Bonamassa

By now any sane man would want, nay, need to hear a dose of this album and thankfully because of the digital era we live in (where everything is so connected you’d need a spinal surgeon to safely dismantle everything) we have the means to get a taste of what this album is all about right to you. Here is a YouTube video for the title track “Driving Towards the Daylight”.

Need More Bonamassa?

If this isn’t enough Bonamassa to satiate your every Bonamassa related need we’ve got plenty more resources abound throughout the deepest, darkest corridors of Guitar-Muse. The most recent being an excellent one-on-one between Joe Bonamassa and Oscar Jordan. If you want a better look at the man’s psyche then just click right here and siphon all its glory in like a fist to the face.  While you’re at it you can always check out the review on his 2011 team up with Beth Hart on Don’t Explain here.

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