Album Review: George Lynch – Legacy

George Lynch - Legacy Album Cover

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George Lynch Unleashes Legacy

George Lynch - Legacy Album Cover

If you’re looking for plenty of frenzied guitars in a style only Mr. Lynch can provide – with a sensible dose of blues thrown in, you’re not going to be disappointed with Legacy. The only complaint I had was the fact that it is only an EP – that’s four tracks,  but it’s satisfying nonetheless.

From the opening track, “Blood Drive”, all the way to the closer, “The Road Ahead”, I couldn’t stop thinking that this is going to be some killer driving music – you know, the kind that just seems to pass the miles without notice, and keeps your foot firmly planted on the accelerator.

The Tracks

“Blood Drive” opens up with rhythm work that reminds me of Van Halen, or some of Vai’s work right around the David Lee Roth and Passion And Warfare eras. This is one of my favorite styles of rhythm guitar, and hearing George Lynch put his masterful signature on it certainly is a welcome pleasure for the ears. It’s a no holds barred song with continuous drive that the entire album will maintain.

The second song is “Circulo Del Fuego”, which translates to “Circle Of Fire”. This song is more punctuated on the back-beat, but still drives like a frenzied semi driver on black beauties. It combines more patient anthem like guitar riffs with flat out shredding, and plenty of furious double bass drum work.

“Invoid” lays to rest any question on whether or not George knows what the hell he’s doing. If you want intensity, it’s there. If you want melody, it’s there. Again, it’s fast, furious, and driving from A to Z. George has been doing this for 30 years – and you can tell. This album is not going to let you fall asleep.

The final track, “The Road Ahead” relaxes the tempo with a steady, certain rhythm section, and soloing that is somewhat pensive compared to the rest of the tracks, and a bit reminiscent of a late 90’s / early 90’s power ballad, only with more flavor. It’s a great track, and perfect for a final track – in fact this will probably become my favorite track on the album. It’s very tastefully done, and leaves nothing to be desired.

The Mix

I listened to this album on a pair of KRK Rokit 5 monitors, that I’m very well acquainted with. The mix is excellent, with all the instruments readily available to the ear. There’s a good deal of mid to low / mid in the mix, which is typical of a guitar album, but it wasn’t anything bothersome. I would have liked to hear a bit more dynamics in the drums, especially the snare which seemed to be a bit off in the background. Other than that, its a really enjoyable mix.

Getting the album

It’s only four bucks on Amazon right now, so you can head over there and download it instantly. If you’re a CD person, you’re in luck too, if you visit Ratpak Records, for just under eight dollars, you can get the CD, a sticker, and two official George Lynch guitar picks. For $24 you can add a t-shirt to the order.

George Lynch has been busy the past few years, releasing almost an album per year, sometimes more, if you include his work with Lynch Mob.

If you’re a Lynch fan, a Vai fan, a Tony MacAlpine fan, or just a guitar fan, you’re going to like this album.


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