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Chickenfoot - Hagar, Anthony, Satriani

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Chickenfoot - Satriani, Anthony, Hagar
Chickenfoot - Satriani, Anthony, Hagar

The highly craved, manically anticipated, burning sensation that is Chickenfoot III is just shy of a full month away from release and to keep those mandibles of the fan base salivating for the arrival of September 27th the band has released the full music video for Bigfoot in HD-D-D-D-D-D.

So you can watch the video and enjoy listening to it while over-analyzing now crisp the picture is.

Normally I would start babbling on about the video and crap like that to give you an idea of what you’re in for, but I think in a case like this it’s better suited to just say it’s worth the watch and happens to feature the greatest dude ever to don a chicken suit.  If that’s the band’s mascot then they have excellent tastes.

As for the rest of the album, the band’s been quite hush hush about it.  They’ve not said much more about the album beyond the track listing.  While this is hardly breaking news if you’re curious about what the songs are and you haven’t really bothered yourself to look then read below.

1.    Last Temptation

2.    Alright, Alright

3.    Different Devil

4.    Up Next

5.    Lighten Up

6.    Come Closer

7.    Three and a Half Letters

8.    Big Foot

9.    Dubai Blues

10.  Something’s Gone Wrong

If you already knew that then send me an email complimenting me on my chiseled biceps and dashing good looks.

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