New From D’Addario: The NS Artist Capo

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Artist Capo

“The NS Artist Capo is the first front-mounted trigger-style capo from D’Addario… The micrometer adjustment mechanism applies direct horizontal pressure…”D’Addario factsheet

Artist CapoAll capos are not the same. The Ned Steinberger designed Artist Capo from D’Addario and Planet Waves is adjustable, trouble-free and holds the neck well with minimal intrusion. But how will it measure up while secured to your favorite guitar? We recently evaluated the NS Artist capo in order to find out. Pickers and strummers, are you paying attention?

A Necessity For Guitar Slingers

Don’t be shy about using a capo. Guitarists of many styles consider it an indispensable tool of the trade. Countless rock, blues, folk and country songs require a capo in order to be played correctly. For a small investment you get a large rate of return. A capo is one of those must-have pieces of gear.

At First Glance

Mandolin CapoThe first thing you notice about the Ned Steinberger designed capo, which fits six-string acoustics and electrics, is its streamlined appearance. Made from aircraft grade aluminum and sporting a black finish, the NS Artist has an efficiency not found in other capos. Coming from D’Addario, that’s not surprising.

Aside from being light in weight, the NS Artist is tightly constructed and built solid. What’s more, the trigger-type release is smooth and simple to open. When in place, strings don’t budge. Yet, the NS Artist capo is operated by merely squeezing a handle. How did Ned Steinberger and D’Addario do it? The answer is geometry and a micrometer, of course.

“Tri-Action” Plus Ned’s Micrometer

Ukulele CapoWith some front-loaded capos, the strings on a guitar will pull to one side. That doesn’t happen with the NS Artist.

The factsheet from D’Addario explains how the company utilizes patented “Tri-Action geometry” which “applies even tension.”

But the pièce de rèsistance has to be the NS Artist’s micrometer. According to D’Addario, the micrometer, which is adjusted by way of a small coiled spring, “eliminates any pulling on the strings so you no longer need to retune during use.”

In essence, if something doesn’t sound exactly right, you can fine tune the capo. Additionally, the micrometer “prevents string buzz during playing.”

Keep in mind, adjustments can be made with just two fingers. It’s that easy.

Suitable For Most

Banjo CapoThe NS Artist capo poses little risk on most guitar finishes. Of course, you never want to leave any capo on a guitar for an extended period of time.

A Test Spin

We attached the NS Artist capo to a tri-cone round neck resonator and an electric solid body. Note the NS is appropriate for any box with a radiused fingerboard.

While in open G, D and conventional tuning, strings did not buzz, nor did they pull to one side. Just as important, each guitar remained in tune when the capo was positioned at different frets. Securing the NS Artist to the neck was straightforward. Finishes were left free from any marks or scuffs.

By the way, the NS Artist capo comes with a bracket for D’Addario’s NS Micro Mini headstock tuner and a built-in pick holder.

The Price

The NS Artist capo from D’Addario has an MSRP of $32.65 USD. In this case, it will be money well spent.

Paul Wolfle

As a vintage and contemporary music enthusiast, guitars dominate Paul’s life. He plays slide in open tunings on a National Steel Tricone resonator and electric blues, in standard tuning, on an assortment of other instruments including his white Fender Stratocaster.

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