New From Carvin: Carvin X-Drive EQ430 And EQ230

Carvin EQ430

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Carvin X-Drive EQ430 And EQ230


Two New Carvin Equalizers


We interrupt this message to tell you about the best damn thing to have been compared to sliced bread since sliced bread. Sure that sentence doesn’t make much sense, but who cares? Carvin’s released two new rack-mounted equalizers to give you all the flexibility you might itch and ache to have to tweak your tone to the frequency you need it. Featured now is the X-Drive EQ230 and the X-Drive EQ430.


The X-Drive EQ230

Carvin EQ230
Carvin EQ230

The X-Drive EQ230 is a two-channel 30 band digital equalizer that doubles as an interface for both Macs and PCs. It has a plethora of features and capabilities that are reinforced by the Texas Instruments digital signal processor built into the unit to maintain the original integrity of the sound both before and after any tweaking performed.

As mentioned above you have up to 30 bands to EQ your signal with ranging from 25 Hz up to 20K Hz. The built in gain control gives a strong boost from up to 12 decibels to -68 decibels. It includes high pass and low pass filters ranging from 20 to 20k Hz and a limiter for all your volume maintenance needs giving you a range from 20 decibels down to -20 decibels. Also included is a delay that can give you up to a -120 millisecond delay. All of this is reinforced by the 24-bit noise converter to ensure that any unwanted sounds don’t worm their way into your precious signal. Introduce that noise to the business end of your boot and send it to orbit.

The available ports offer two input/output channels for both 1/4” jacks and XLR ports. The USB port allows you to plug into a computer and gives you the flexibility to tweak on a computer. While on the unit itself you can store up to 16 customized settings with a computer your limits are as vast as your hard drive can permit with unlimited space available.

Weighing in at 4.4 lbs the X-Drive EQ230 can be yours for the asking price $319.


The X-Drive EQ430


Carvin EQ430
Carvin EQ230 - Click to Enlarge

The big brother to the EQ230, the EQ430 can for the most part share the same description as the EQ230 in that it’s a 30 band equalizer with the limiter, gain booster, delay, and 24-bit noise converter, all powered by the same technology put into the Texas Instruments digital signal processor. Likewise you also get the USB port to interact with a computer much in the same way. For the sake of not getting any more redundant I’ll leave it at that.

The real part that separates the two is that in the EQ430 you get an extra two in/out channels to work with giving you, as the name implies, 4 sets of 1/4” and XLR ports.

The price of the EQ430 climbs up to $399 making a modest difference of $80 between the two models.

That’s what Carvin’s been up to lately. Saving the galaxy as we know it, one signal at a time.

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