New From Jim Dunlop: Badass Modified O.D. , Red Llama, Zakk Wylde Rotovibe and More!

Red Llama Overdrive Pedal - Dunlop

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A few new products from Dunlop for 2012

First we’ll start with the images – click any image to enlarge!

The Custom Badass Modified O.D.

How do you modify a badass?

Dunlop has added a “Bump Switch” that fires up an EQ that bumps up the mid and low frequencies. Also, they have added a 100HZ cut and boost knob that can focus or beef up your EQ when you twist it.
What does Dunlop recommend doing with the Custom Badass Modified O.D.?
They say it sounds great in line with the ’78 Custom Badass Distortion pedal to make it sound more like an amp while maintaining the tonal complexities of your sound.

The Red Llama Overdrive Pedal

Gone for awhile, now it’s back!

The return of the popular Red Llama. It’s not a remake, however, Dunlop states that it is a continuation of where they left of back in 1999. It’s still just as easy to operate, with just a drive and volume knob, and Dunlop tells us that the pedal can put out some serious power, so it can get any amp fired up. Another thing that has not changed in the Red Llama is the granularity of the drive knob. It takes you from a slightly full and gritty distortion all the way to gigantic distortion and in every position between you’ll find new, unique sounds.

Zakk Wylde’s Signature Rotovibe

A limited run

Featuring the same controls that we’re used to in the classic Rotovibe from Dunlop, Zakk’s version inspires him while writing, overdubbing, or playing leads. The pedal of course controls the speed of the rotating speaker sound.
If you want one, hurry up, it’s a limited run.

Other new products from Dunlop in 2012

Eric Johnson Signature Fuzz Face

The fuzz face is responsible for Eric’s legendary lead guitar tone. Eric has worked closely with Dunlop to get this pedal exactly right – and it is exactly right!

John Petrucci Jazz II Picks

John’s specifications come through in this, his Ultex picks. The tip is smooth like an arrowhead, and the grip is raised and textured so that it can’t escape when John starts to deliver.

Joe Bonamassa Signature Cry Baby

Vintage Halo inductior, true bypass and non true bypass, all in a light aluminum housing.
Made to Joe’s exact specs, the Crybaby sports a Halo inductor, which boosts the harmonics, a choice between true or not-true bypass (some prefer the tonal output of non-true), and an output buffer to match up impedance wise with vintage pedals.
This crybaby has one of the largest sweep ranges of any Crybaby.


Dunlop has been busy in the past year and their new offerings are all things to be excited about! Check out their website for more – obviously we can’t cover it all here – but there is plenty more from Dunlop in 2012.

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