New Jackson X Series Guitars – Two 8 Strings And A “V”

Jackson X Series 2013 Green

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More “X” Awesome From Jackson

Jackson is back with three new additions to the X Series roster, offering a choice of red or black in Phil Demmel’s King V, and a flat black FXMG and a green quilt maple FXMG.

The designs are extraordinary, and the sound it hot, and the price is right – with price tags ranging from $870 to $999. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at what the new X Series guitars have to offer.

Phil Demmel PDXT King V

Jackson Phil Demmel V Guitar - Black
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Phil Demmel, Machine Head’s source of crushing guitar might, has a signature King V that looks like it could double as a weapon. It could probably pop a cap off a beer bottle too, but that’s a whole different discussion.

What this guitar has to offer is six strings of fury strapped to basswood body and bathed in a gloss urethane finish. The rosewood fretboard is fitted to the three-piece maple neck designed with neck-through construction and graphite reinforcement, also coated in that snappy gloss urethane.

Now let’s talk about what gives this guitar its pair. Starting with the pair of EMG HZ active humbuckers fitted in both the neck and bridge positions. To harness the potential tones from this guitar you’re given a three-way pickup switch, and two designated volume knobs.

Jackson Phil Demmel V Guitar In Red
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The hardware includes an R18 fully adjustable compensated bridge with string-through-body installation along with Jackson’s own sealed die-cast tuners.

The manufacturer suggested retail price is only $866.65 which means it will probably fetch a pretty affordable price in store. This guitar is available in black with silver bevels and red with black bevels.


Jackson X Series 2013 Slate
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The SLATFXMG 3-8 is not only an awesome name to read out loud. It’s also a name representing eight strings bound to a arched top mahogany body gingerly coated in a satin finish. This matte black guitar offers a neck-through three-piece maple neck with graphite reinforcement along with a 24 fret rosewood fretboard.

When it comes to the pickup department the SLATFXMG 3-8 uses a pair of EMG 808 active humbuckers with a three-way pickup selector, and a master tone and master volume knob. As far as the hardware concerns go this model uses an HT8 8-string hardtail bridge with strings-through-body installation, and the Jackson sealed die-cast tuners.

The MSRP comes down to $933.32.

Fun fact: Jackson gets the strings for their 8-string guitars from the cables used with wrecking balls because anything used for metal that deep and heavy has to have a history of crushing things.*

*This isn’t true. I just made it up. It should be true, though, because that would be awesome.


Jackson X Series 2013 Green
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Triumphantly concluding this issue of “Jackson Guitars featuring the X Series” is the SLATFXQMG 3-8. As per Jackson tradition there’s always a model or two that is given that more prestigious touch and this time around it’s this guitar. Building up off the shoulders of the SLATFXMG 3-8 this model takes the arch top mahogany body and upgrades it with a quilted maple top and coats it in a lush transparent green finish – an aesthetic upgrade that uses gloss urethane for the finishing touch.

Apart from that a lot of the specs translate over seamlessly. The three-piece maple neck with neck-through construction and the rosewood fretboard return, as do the EMG 808 active humbuckers, the HT8 hardtail bridge, and the Jackson sealed die-cast tuners.

This model’s MSRP runs $999.99. Rock on.

The X Series guitars are an incredible value – the bang-for-buck factor is certainly there, and these babies sound great, play great, and will turn heads whether you opt for the jagged King V or the more graceful curves of the FXMG.

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