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The Internet’s Ears are Burning

KornAll the buzz has been surrounding Korn. Perhaps you’d heard at some point that guitarist Head returned to the band. I want to think that got them some attention at some point. But like my next door neighbor’s girlfriend they never replaced him. They just took a break, let the dust settle, let the air clear, and when they were ready they got back together (though not quite as many times as my neighbor).

And now here we are. Twenty years since the band began. Then all the details about the group recording what will be known as their eleventh studio album. To say the least a lot of eyes have been on the nearly fully reformed group in anticipation of how the new material will stack up against their career so far.

Although anyone anticipating or hoping for a full reunion with original drummer Dave Silveria should probably not hold their breath… or maybe they should given the reactions from the band. I’d read that Silveria went as far as to delete his Facebook page because he was tired of hearing the reunion talk. The best thing we can do is be thrilled that Korn now has two guitarists again. And like I wrote above. It’s all about the guitar. Just like it was chiseled into stone eons ago.

What’s Up New With the Album

So over the course of time since January the group has intermittently given out info about the current plans and progress in tiny little details. The newest one is the release date of the album. September 24th. Based off the the snippets of info we’ve been fed, the album will retain trace amounts of the electronic influences that have been overwhelmingly experimented with on recent albums, but now that both guitarists are working in full force this next album will be all about the guitar. You know. Like God intended it.

Those that responded rather vehemently regarding some of their more experimental albums like Cockadoodle Rock Face Mark IV (hey, if they’re gonna give us an untitled album and tell us to call it whatever we want, I’m gonna have fun with it) or the excessively dubstep driven Path of Totality need not worry.

Beyond that, the title (which I’m predicting will be reminiscent of their earlier titles, hopefully not just Korn IV), and save for a handful of track names the full song list is still much a mystery. What songs we have include “Love and Meth”, “Never Never”, “Victimized”, and “Prey for Me” (I’ve also seen that spelled Pray for Me. No idea which is real).

In the meantime the only sample of audio we have to work with stems from the trailer they’d released.

Then there’s a press conference starring Head, Munky, Fieldy, and Ray Luzier, though I haven’t watched it personally because I’ll be damned if AT&T knows what internet service is. But that’s a whole different discussion… and not as interesting as a press conference with Korn.

Want more from Korn?  Check out the specs on Munky’s signature Ibanez.

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