New at NAMM: The Echolution 2 Delay’s Stunning “Shimmer” Effect

Pigtronix E2D Echolution 2 Deluxe

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You may think that all guitar delay units sound more or less alike: It’s just echo, right?

Well, PigTronix’s new Echolocution 2 pedal starts with simple delay, then goes far beyond it into lush, unexplored continents of sound. Plug this in at your next band practice, dial in some of the more esoteric settings, and even the most seasoned pedalboard geek will look up from his own rig to say, “What was that?”

All the Classics

Pigtronix E2D Echolution 2 DeluxeA quick glance at the casing tells you that yes, this pedal’s got your standard tape delay simulator, digital delay, and reverse delay. All the classic echoes are here. The Echolution 2 features delay anywhere from just 10 milliseconds (1/30th of the time it takes you to blink) to a full 12 seconds long.

That’s where most delay pedals call it quits, but the Echolution 2 pushes on with a unique armory of specialized delay effects:

Shimmering chorus for a thicker, richer sound
tremolos, for extra pulsation on your delays
bit-crushing effects, which destroy the sound quality of delays to create weird digital distortions

The Shimmer

The real crown jewel on the Echolution 2 is its one-of-a-kind Halo “Shimmer” effect. Shimmer is a mesmerizing effect where each echo rises an octave. Be sure to check out the video at the top of this post; you don’t want to miss out on hearing this one. It’s almost angelically beautiful, with a synth-like resonance. Just strum a chord and listen — it’s like that phrase you just played dies and goes to heaven. And likes it there.

The octave jumps can give you an amazing call-and-response effect that sounds amazing, yet requires less manual labor from you. This is the kind of innovative effect you could compose entire pieces of music for.

I’d love to hear a classical guitar composition using this effect as inspiration. It’d sound almost ridiculously cool — like a frickin’ waterfall made out of harps, dammit. I want to hear that. Has anyone given one of these bad boys to Bill Frisell or Robert Fripp yet?

Unusually Expressive Delay

All delay filters and every knob on the Echolution 2 can be manipulated using the expression pedal output. Stretch delay time to decelerate or accelerate with a foot pedal. Push the pedal forward to increase repeats or saturation. Blend modulations in and out smoothly.

The Echolution 2 can also be controlled via MIDI, if you’re fancy like that. Or it can be plugged into a USB port for computer control. Upload, download, and share your favorite settings with other Echolution 2 users all over the planet.

The Echolution 2 has seen action in the rigs of Nine Inch Nails, Aerosmith, Weezer, and Dream Theater. What do you think, is there a space for this overachieving delay pedal on your pedalboard?

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