New ReVamp Symphonic Metal Album – Wild Card

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Revamp - Wild Card

Hailing from the Netherlands is ReVamp, a symphonic metal band ready to release their follow-up album to their 2010 release ReVamp.  In just a matter of days Wild Card, the very melodic symphonic metal album glazed in stunning vocal work and some pounding guitars.

About ReVamp

Revamp - Wild CardReVamp is a Dutch symphonic heavy metal band that features the graceful talents of guitarists Arjan Rijnen and Jord Otto, bassist Henk Vonk, drummer Matthias Landes, keyboardist Ruben Wijga, and lead vocalist Floor Jansen whose vocal chords could knock down a concrete wall. Formed in the wake of After Forever’s disbanding, ReVamp came together and hit the ground running.

With all music written by Floor Jansen herself the group had released their debut self-titled album in 2010.

The album release was followed by a brief hiatus while Jansen recovered from some illnesses through 2011. As she eased back into the groove of things Jansen had begun working on the follow-up album and toured with Nightwish briefly while they pursued a new vocalist. After that attention went full force towards ReVamp and the album Wild Card was realized.

About Wild Card

Wild Card features high-energy, deep and heavy, guitars and drumming. The guitars often come forward with intricately chugged rhythms and some stunning and speedy solo work. Plenty of timing changes keep the music lively throughout the album, and between the vocals and the keyboards there are plenty of excellent melodies that really care the music to a new level.

All of the melodies are sang spot on with a few harmonies along the way and even a few death growls to add some variety. It’s quite apparent that the music was written around the vocal performance. That doesn’t mean to imply there’s anything lackluster about the music. Far from it. If the album were instrumental I’d be just as likely to listen to it. But if it weren’t designed the way it has been I don’t know that the vocal work would shine quite as brightly as it does.

The music also gets brownie points from me for giving me new things to notice after repeated listens.  You know what I’m talking about.  When you hear a song for the first time you think, “gee whiz, that sure did sound good, but I can’t put my finger on why.”  Then you listen again and again and you hear these intricate little details that lock things into place.  This album did that for me.

Plus there are some cool guest musicians including vocals from Devin Townsend and Epica and Mayan musician Mark Jansen, choir vocals from Marcela Bovio and Daniel de Jong, and bass work performed by Stream of Passion’s Johan van Stratum prior to Henk Vonk’s admission into the band.

As of this writing Wild Card hasn’t been released in North America, but that’s going to change come September 3rd.

Wild Card Track Listing:

  1. The Anatomy of a Nervous Breakdown’: On the Sideline
  2. The Anatomy of a Nervous Breakdown’: The Limbic System
  3. Wild Card
  4. Precibus
  5. Nothing
  6. The Anatomy of a Nervous Breakdown’: Neurasthenia
  7. Distorted Lullabies
  8. Amendatory
  9. I Can Become
  10. Misery’s No Crime
  11. Wolf And Dog
  12. Sins – Bonus Track
  13. Infringe – Bonus Track

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