New Stuff: Downloadable, Printable Guitar Tools, Blank Tab, Chords

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Guitar Tools To Print And Take With You

We’ve added a new section to the site, it’s called the “tools” section and it will be packed full of downloads, and things you can print up to assist with learning, songwriting, and practicing your favorite instrument, which we assume is the guitar since you’re here on our site.

What is there now:

Basic Chords

The chord section will be expanded very soon, but for now we’ve got the basics chords up there. Great for students – print it up and toss it in your guitar case. Great for teachers. Print it up and smack your students around with it.

Blank Tab

Whether you’re writing, or transcribing, or jotting down scales and exercises, laying out practice runs for your students – it’s always nice to have a sheet or ten of blank tab to scribble on. We’ve kept this one large enough to see from a music stand, but maintained enough room for a decent amount of measures. Print up as many as you want – it’s your paper.

What’s coming soon:

More Blank Tabs

We’re currently working on more variations on the blank tabs – since you might like things such as a 7-string guitar w/bass tab, or even an 8-string tab to work with. You might like a blank tab with a staff as well. We’ll come up with as many options as we can, but if you have any ideas, please contact us.

More Chord Diagrams

Also, we’re going to make that Chord Chart page quite a bit more extensive. Right now it’s just got the basics, but we’ll be diving into more advanced variations on the ones there, as well as chords further up the neck, and some genre specific stuff. Keep your eyes peeled, and again, contact us if there is anything you’d like to see up in the chord-diagramming department.


Soon, we’ll have most of the common scales up there for you to print out. After that we’ll pursue some of the less common ones.

Practice Exercises

Exercises you can print up and take with you. We’ll cover both right and left hand exercises, speed building, rhythm development, etc. Keep an eye out for it.


We’re working on getting some software titles up for your download as well, some with discounts where possible.

Your Ideas

Contact us if you have any suggestions for the tools section.

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