New Tony MacAlpine Album Later This Month

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Tony MacAlpine
Tony MacAlpine
Tony MacAlpine

Yep, the behemoth guitarist Tony MacAlpine is belting out his tenth solo album entitled Tony MacAlpine which is due out June 21st.

Here MacAlpine steps forward to show the world what an eight-string guitar is for and naturally plays all those glorious keyboard pieces as well as bass (for the most part) and a bit of drum programming.  The album will also feature trace amounts of Philip Bynoe on bass, and drums performed by Virgil Donati and Marco Minnemann.  I’ve found no such evidence implying there will be singing so I’m left to assume we’re dealing with an entirely instrumental album.

Here’s the track listing.  Take a good, long look at it and envision all the blistering arpeggios that are probably seeded within.

1.   Serpens Cauda

2.   Ölüdeniz

3.   Fire Mountain

4.   Dream Mechanism

5.   10 Seconds To Mercury

6.   Flowers For Monday

7.   Angel Of Twilight

8.   Pyrokinesis

9.   Blue Maserati

10. Summer Palace

11. Salar De Uyuni

12. The Dedication

Japanese Bonus Track (Why do people do that?)

13. Donstia


If you can’t wait until June 21st there are alternatives.  If you go to Tony MacAlpine’s website ( you can purchase the album in one of three bundles, each of which will put you in possession of the album one whole and entire week before the album’s official release.  You’ll easily be the coolest guy out of all of your friends.  Especially if you’re like me and all your friends want to just listen to Kenny Chesney all damn day.

For a mere $15.00 plus shipping you get the album along with a free digital download.

Bump that up to $35.00 plus shipping and you’ll land yourself the album, a free digital download and a stylish shirt with Tony MacAlpine’s name and face emblazoned across it.

For a substantial increase to $125.00 plus shipping you get the album, the download, the shirt, and a 45-minute dose of Tony MacAlpine in a one-on-one lesson via the powers of Skype.

I don’t think the Overseer will let me spend $125 of Guitar-Muse’s budget money on one album, so don’t expect me to follow up on that.

Kyle Smitchens

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