New Video From Bryan Beller: Volunteer State

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Bryan Beller has released a new video – “Volunteer State” from his upcoming epic “Scenes From The Flood” which is something to get excited about, guitar fans – in addition to the amazing bass magic we’ve come to expect (and have always loved) from Bryan, we’ll also be treated to a host of additional amazing musicians.

But we’ll get to the album later – for now, lets check out this song – “Volunteer State” which Bryan wrote about something simple and something we can all identify with – a road trip.

“This is the first full song of the album, and this is essentially where the story begins,” says Beller. “It’s an optimistic road-trip song. It’s filled with intention and desire for something positive, though as you get further into it, it does a bit of a twist on you.”

Once Bryan had the song penned and could feel the vibe, he immediately knew that Joe Satriani would add something amazing to it. And Joe did  that – and much more. He spent extra time with this song, adding more harmonies, acoustic guitars, even banjo – and more.

The video itself is about the mother of all road trips – that one where you pack up all your things and hit the road, but it’s the kind of road trip that has no return. It’s about moving to another place, and all the unknowns that go along with that, the expectations, dreams, and experiences yet to come.

I personally love how Bryan mentions that this song is about “intention and the desire for something positive” and I think its easy to hear that in the music.

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