News Three Way – Air Guitars, Steve Vai, and Guitar Hero. The Essentials.

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Air Guitar Finals Sequence Has Been Initiated

Air guitarists that have slaved over their craft to prove their valor all over the country will convulse and have siezures to music in the most eccentric of clothing to see who can pretend to play with the best of them.  If you’re awesome enough to be in Chicago then you should go check it out.  Going and seeing it will literally make you a better person.  If you’re like me and live several states away and have also burnt up your web site’s travel budget then we’re just not better as people.  We’re still good, though, so don’t worry.  We’ve got our heads above the water.

Steve Vai’s Australian Masterclass

In October Steve Vai will be holding his Alien Guitar Secrets masterclass all over Australia hitting such locations as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth.  While it’s not as accessible as going to Chicago it isn’t as short of notice either.  Maybe if we start saving our lunch money now we can make it out there to see how it goes.

Guitar Hero – Ressurrection

If you miss Guitar Hero then don’t worry.  Activision still plans on milking it out some more.  If you rejoiced when news spread that it died, then put those champagne bottles away, because Activision is still planning on milking it some more.  Activision, who has established an empire off of selling the same games over and over, is looking into a way to reinvent Guitar Hero, which suffered from a text book case of an over saturated market, so they can presumably begin making multiple releases a year again.  I’m guessing by then their customers will begin to realize they’ve been doing the same thing with Call of Duty and will welcome the change and start sucking the Guitar Hero teats dry again.

I’m gonna put my neck out on the chopping block on this one.  I don’t think it’s going to catch on like it did the first time around.  One of the biggest problems Guitar Hero had was getting the rights to songs.  Led Zeppelin, for example, was the most demanded band to appear in Guitar Hero.  Only problem was the band refused to give them the rights, so what did Activision do in return?  They pumped out a few more 80s metal compilations.  Unless they have the content to go with their revolutionized gameplay I don’t think people are going to care.

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