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Nili Brosh

Nili Brosh

Nili BroshNili Brosh has been continuously building more and more momentum in the guitar industry. From her tenure as a student and a summer course instructor at Berklee College of Music to her tours with the likes of Tony McAlpine, Yngwie Malmsteen (with her brother Ethan), and the Iron Maidens, Nili has wasted no time making her mark on the pocket universe that is the guitar. Fortunately we have an awesome (if I do say so myself) artist spotlight on her, so you can consult that for a more biographical take on Nili Brosh.

The interview we’re presenting here begins as Brosh is nearing completion of recording guitars for her new solo album. Throughout the discussion they cover such topics as the many musicians she’s shared the stage with, favorite guitarists, and pivotal moments in formative origins of her budding career. And naturally they talk about gear. What kind of an interview would it be without talk of guitars and amps?


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