Nothing makes me madder than stolen guitars

Quiet Company

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Quiet CompanyI was in a band or 12 in my youth, but there’s one experience I remember more than the others. One that – while not on the scale of some of the others, held some really great memories for me.

It was a band in Lansing, Michigan, and we played in a basement of a house with another band. Yeah I am being vague here but I’m trying to maintain some focus. This other band was alot better sounding than us, and alot more successful. But they let us jam with them in their space, and they gave us tips.

In this other band, there was this guy named Matt. I became friends with Matt, the bass player. We got along, he wasn’t  egotistical – and oh, he didn’t mind hanging out with a guitar player from a band that  was alot less talented than his.

Years went by and Matt and I lost touch, partially because I am a crappy friend, and partially because facebook didn’t exist yet.

Well, they finally created facebook, and Matt and I hooked back up. Turns out hes in a great band called “Quiet Company” and they’ve got some really killer music.

Today I found out that all of their guitars were stolen out of their trailer.

Now, I am sure anyone reading this site has some inkling as to how hard it is to make a living as a musician, and to have all your guitars stolen is definitely a major setback, right before a tour.

So I am asking you to go to and do one of the following.

  • Make a donation that’s comfortable to you. They’ll send you free digital copies of their music as a thank you.
  • Listen to the samples of their music. You might dig it. Become a fan, go see them someday.
  • Read this – and if you regularly peruse ebay or craigslist and see one of these guitars for sale, let us know. This is what we do – half our site is about scouring ebay looking for guitars – so keep your eyes open!
  • At the very least, tweet this article out to your followers, hit the facebook like button, spread the word.

How many times have you or I sat and enjoyed a night of free music courtesy of some band that was just there to spread the music out? Here’s a chance to send some love back. Likely if you are even reading this site, you know what its like.

More about Quiet Company:


The Music

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