Orianthi Joins Alice Cooper’s Band


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Orianthi - Click to Enlarge. Sorry, No life size.

Well it’s not shocking news – but it’s official now.

After some speculation and a great “School’s Out” jam on “American Idol” with Alice Cooper the two have decided that working together would be a good thing.

Orianthi will be replacing Damon Johnson, who is reported to have quit Alice’s band to play in Thin Lizzy.

The rumor was confirmed with this tweet:
Thanks 🙂 gonna b a blast!RT @angelalthompson @orianthi woot! Congrats! And congrats on joining Alice’s band!! 😀

She’s performed lead guitar duties for Michael Jackson so she’s not new to playing  for big names.

There’s not much that can make an Alice Cooper show better, but if there’s anything Orianthi might be it!

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

More on Orianthi and Alice Cooper:


UPDATE: Story Here.


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