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Anyone that finds themselves sojourning at the edge of their seat in anticipation of the wicked guitar wiz Orianthi’s new solo album Heaven in this Hell can at the very least take solace in knowing when their excitement will be sedated. Orianthi has officially announced March 12th of 2013 as the day the stars will fall. Ok, she didn’t actually say that specifically, but she did say that’s when Heaven in this Hell will be released making it her third solo album following her 2009 release Believe.

Heaven in this Hell

Now that we know the release date let’s hit the track listing first.

Track Listing:

1. Heaven in this Hell
2. You Don’t Wanna Know
3. Fire
4. If You Think You Know Me
5. How Do You Sleep?
6. Frozen
7. Rock
8. Another You
9. How Does That Feel?
10. Filthy Blues
12. If You Were Here With Me

The album stretches 41 minutes across twelve tracks, though we have an idea of what to expect as five of the tracks have been released on the late 2011 EP Fire. The songs “Heaven in this Hell”, How Do You Sleep?”, “If You Were Here With Me”, “How Does It Feel?”, and “Fire” have seen the light of day. Insofar the released tracks tell us the album will be thick with grungy rock and blues tones that Orianthi’s tweaked from the figments and deep, dark recesses of her imagination. And in just over a month and a half the full vision will be realized with hard and deep rhythms and piercing leads that rupture your eardrums in the most awesome ways possible.

The Obligatory Section About Orianthi’s History

While March 12, 2013’s upcoming existence is seemingly happening in anticipation of the release of Heaven in this Hell, the Australia-born Orianthi’s been busy in the music industry has been celebrated for her mastery over the guitar since she was fifteen years old and playing for Steve Vai. Since those days she’s performed with Carrie Underwood, Prince, and is even the current guitarist for Alice Cooper. In addition to what will be three studio albums she’s released the one EP she’s done studio work for Mary J. Blige, My Darkest Days, and Michael Jackson whom she was also to be the guitarist of This Is It. Her music has also appeared in fourteen movies and video games.

As I’d mentioned earlier, Orianthi has been widely praised for her smooth and seamless freedom with the guitar and has been nominated eight times for various awards and has won six of them including BMI’s “2011 Pop Music Awards” and Gibson Guitars’ “Top 10 Female Guitar Players of All Time”.

An additional fun fact: Orianthi has several PRS guitars, one of which is named “Manos”. Of course she claim that it was named after the spanish word manos meaning hands, but I’ve chosen to go all Myth Busters on this fact by substituting this reality with my own to declare that it was named after the legendary movie “Manos” the Hands of Fate.

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