Oscar’s Guitar Shop Interview with David “Fuze” Fiuczynski

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David Fiuczynski

David “Fuze” Fiuczynski

David FiuczynskiDavid Fiuczynski is the multi-faceted guitarist with the chops to play about any style you throw at him from the common genres like rock, jazz, and funk, to microtonal middle eastern styles. He’s been widely praised and greatly respected for his soulful playing, most notably from his performances in his band Screaming Headless Torsos, as well as a career as a session guitarist that spans 95 albums. Of these other bands he’s performed with, Fiuczynski is known for his works with Hiromi’s Sonicbloom, Hasidic New Way, Kif, Black Cherry Acid Lab, Gizmo, Hiromi Uehara, Planet Micro Jam, and Rudresh Mahanthappa.

While Fiuczynski’s had been playing guitar since his formative years, his studies in music continued in greater detail at Hampshire Collecte and then at New England Conservatory where he would earn a Bachelors of Music. As he developed his style playing the double-neck guitar became more a trademark than something he did for one or two songs. Often concerts would be played entirely with one double-neck guitar.

In addition to his career as a performing musician Fiuczynski is a full-time professor at the famous Berklee College of Music.

The Interview

Oscar speaks with Fiuczynksi about topics covering gear tastes, upcoming albums, microtonality, and topics like melodic development that yield a quote like:

“I’ll have a student come to me and say “can you show me arpeggio playing”, what I tell them, look, at the end of this Weather Report tune called “Havona” there’s a really melodic arpeggio. I say, ‘let’s check this out. Let’s add a line. It’s kind of a B Phrygian thing. Now learn that learn that and learn to imitate that shape starting on the root, the flat 9, the flat 3, the 5, the flat 7. And do it in your own way, and do it very, very slowly. And then take it out of that musical context and let’s say put it into a blues, or something that you’re practicing with your band, or a tune you like. I don’t care if it’s a heavy metal player, or a bluegrass player. But they take this melodic development concept and they learn how to develop melodies.’”

Fiuczynski also mentions the role personal health has in your guitar playing where he cites:

“There a lot of very dedicated musicians and they don’t realize you have to take care of yourself. If you play, like, gigs and practice for more than four hours a day you’re practicing on an Olympic level. I unfortunately every semester I have one or two students who have playing related injuries, and they need to realize they have to exercise. They have to do something that’s counter to playing to keep their bodies in tuned. So, very important.”

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