Past Months in Retrospect

Vai's Ibanez Triple Neck

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Two Years.  It’s Been That Long

We’re closing in on our two year anniversary here at Guitar-Muse so we figured it would be nifty to go all nostalgic on everyone and look at the some of the works from past months. With that let’s see what we’ve pulled off.


EHX Superego Review

Get the down low on everything that matters in the new EHX Superego synth pedal by Dave Willard. If you have a grudge against reading you can always just watch his video review of it as well. Now in 2D!!! There’s also a contest – you can win one!

10 Pedals That Rock Without Breaking The Bank

Why? Because sometimes you can have quality in great quantities. I present to you my own top pick for pedals that are of exceptional quality compared to what you pay for them.

The BMW Electric Guitar

What happens when Anibal Mistorni finds a car part in a junk yard? He turns it into a guitar of course. What else is there to do with old car parts?

Eric Joseph Guitar Review

Eric Joseph can build a guitar unlike any other out there with his hands alone.

Multi-instrument Guitars

Multi-Neck Guitars

For whatever reason having multiple necks on one body seems to make everything cooler as can be seen in these galleries. Now one would have to ask if humans had multiple necks one each body would we be proportionately cooler too?


Rhythmic Brain Teasers

Dave Willard gives us all something to think about with scales and rhythms.  If your metronome is at all like mine then it’s a far cry from needing new batteries so bust it out and take a spin.

Handcuffed to the Fretboard

Part I

Part II

Part III

Resident Guitar-Muse goofball Nicholas Tozier’s Handcuffed series seeks get out of those ruts and get the creative gears turning like they used to and without pouring a can of WD-40 in your ear. I hear that’s a bad idea so you should just read his articles instead.

Chess and Guitars Unite

Opening Game

Middle Game

Ever wonder what it would be like to play a game of chess on a guitar? Check out parts 1 and 2 of the trilogy in progress on making that happen. Addendum: This is probably not for people with short attention spans, though the fact that I’ve managed to put it together says it is possible to make it through even if you do, so give it a look anyway.


Who Made the Guitar Cool?

Just who was the guy that made the guitar cool? Was it one of these guys? What do you think?

Steve Vai



Scott Collins’ interview with Steve Vai turned out so damn well it’d be a crime against humanity to keep it a secret. Plus it resulted in a rhythmic ear training lesson derived from the song “Velorum” from Vai’s The Story of Light.

Shahyd Legacy Review

Here Shahyd Legacy is declared to officially kick ass at the guitar. We wouldn’t recommend him if we thought otherwise, so check him out here.


Evolution of a Live Rig

Part I

Part II

Scott Collins sets the wheels in motion for a discussion of the big decisions that go into developing a live rig in these first two parts of his ongoing series Evolution of a Live Rig.

Band Auditions Not Working Out?

Oscar Jordan runs through a handful of crucial (and potentially life changing) giveaways you may be getting into more than bargained for when auditioning for a band.

Gibson’s Wood Issues with the Department of Justice

The ongoing battle between Gibson and the government has finally come to resolution. How did it end? Find out here.

Gene Simmons and Hello Kitty Toilet Paper

This shouldn’t be seen on a guitar site. This should be seen in a circus on display next to the bearded woman or on Ripley’s Believe It or Not because it’s just so abstract and seemingly exists for no logical reason. Yet there it is all the same.

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