Pat O’Brien’s Signature Invader: Inside the Thunderous Sound of Cannibal Corpse.

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Ran Invader - Pat Obrien
Ran Invader - Pat Obrien
Ran Invader - Pat Obrien

Not for the faint of heart, the Ran Invader, a favorite of Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O’Brien, is a stunning powerhouse of electric sound and fury. Visually, the guitar’s slick finish and sleek lines are reminiscent of a top notch PRS, while its Dunlop 6130 frets, sizzling EMG 81 pickup and simple controls – a single master volume knob – provide a potent blend of speed and darkness, essential elements of Cannibal Corpse’s unmatched death metal sound.

The Invader’s Specs

With a 25.5 inch scale, the Invader is equal in size to Pat O’Brien’s other famous guitar, the B.C. Rich JRV Icon, though a bit larger than the 24.5 inch Dean axes made famous by Dimebag Darrel.

Ran’s Invader sports an alder neck-thru-body, 24 frets, locking nut, Schaller M6 tuning machines and a Schaller Floyd Rose bridge. Reviews indicate the maple neck and ebony fretboard are lighting fast.

Compelling Visual Appeal

The green military camouflage finish remains true to Pat O’Brien’s signature Invader. Black hardware, white outlined bullet inlays, a “KILL” inscription twelfth fret marker combined with a threateningly pointed headstock shaped like a spearhead, all fitting for Cannibal Corpse, provides a mesmerizing visual for any guitar enthusiast.

Invader Project, Then Cannibal Corpse

Ran Guitars provides a brief online history of its Invader design:

“Invader is the first authoring project of Ran Guitars. The model was developed over a decade ago in collaboration with Peter – the leader of the Polish death metal band – Vader. This model is distinguished by great access to the upper frets and perfect balance. It is the most popular shape among our customers.”

The company recently teamed with a number of noteworthy artists including Jeff Waters of Annihilator, Jocke Scog of Clawfinger and Steffen Kummerer of Obscura. As for their relationship with the Cannibal Corpse metalist, Ran explains:

“Pat O’Brien, from one of the most famous death metal bands around, Cannibal Corpse, is another phenomenal guitarist with which we continue to work closely.”

About Ran Guitars

There’s not much to say about Ran Guitars. Though the custom instrument maker has an official website and an active Facebook page pricing is not readily available. Located in Olsztyn, Poland, Ran recommends using the online custom quote form or emailing them with the preferred specifications when ordering. Shipments are insured and delivered by UPS. According to Ran, 12-15 months is the normal build time for one guitar, probably sooner if the customer is Pat O’Brien.


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