Paul Gilbert talks about the Ibanez Fireman

Paul Gilbert and the Ibanez Fireman

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Paul Gilbert and the Ibanez Fireman
Paul Gilbert and the Ibanez Fireman

Guitarists have been picking their jaw up off the floor ever since 1985 when Racer X first hit the scene and Paul’s explosive style and technique hit the open air.

After that came the very successful and long running gig with Mr. Big – with Billy Sheehan by his side on bass.

All the while, Paul has had an excellent relationship with Ibanez Guitars, resulting in his PGM Signature Series – easy to spot by the painted on f-holes.

Interesting to note is the fact that Paul stopped using a whammy bar in the 90’s and the PGM300 and PGM301 both have fixed bridges.

Never one to be predictable, Paul Gilbert has redesigned Ibanez’s Iceman guitar to its polar opposite – the Fireman.

We will just let Paul himself tell you about the Fireman, and show you some of its original designs.

You’ll learn how he designed the guitar, and why he chose single coil pickups, along with some amazing demonstrations.

After you check out the video below, you can also check out more Ibanez Guitars we have recently featured here.

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