Paul Reed Smith NF3 Maple Neck Guitar

Paul Reed Smith NF3 Maple Neck Guitar

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Paul Reed Smith NF3 Maple Neck Guitar
Paul Reed Smith NF3 Maple Neck Guitar

This guitar came out in late 2010, and it’s one I’ve been watching the reviews on with great interest – because there are alot of features on this guitar that I really like.

The first thing you notice is that it’s obviously a bit Strat-ish, but you’re not getting a Strat here. You’re gonna get some of that PRS voodoo magic we all know and love.

Lets step through some specs first, then we’re going to take a look at a video from Paul Reed Smith himself, showing off the guitar, as well as another with J. Hayes.

Of course the NF3 got it’s name from the Narrow Field pickups, which will give you some stunning glass like clarity, because they are squeezed pole to pole, but are deeper than the 57/08s. They also use the same wire the 57/08s do.

PRS was looking for a single coil sound out of a 57/08 without all the hum, and the Narrow Field pickups were the answer.

You WILL hear your pick attack, and you’ll hear a great deal more (sound, not noise) with the NF pickups than with a single coil set.

You’ve also got plenty of tonal options with the 5 way blade selector.

Another feature that sweetens the deal for the prospective NF3 owner – and something that comes on many PRS guitars are the PRS low mass locking tuners.

Following the strings to the other side, you’ll find the bridge and tremolo components are steel, which allow the sound to travel more clearly to the tonewood, enhancing the sound further and making it even more perfect for those NF pickups to slurp up.

PRS NF3 Guitar
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The neck is a “Pattern Regular” shape, which is similar to the neck shape of the earlier (1980’s) PRS guitars. Obviously the neck is rock maple, take note: It’s a bolt on. It fits the style of the guitar.

The body is Korina and it features the new V12 finish. The V12 has been in development for around 12 years (I think we’re on to something with the number 12 here!) and it’s interesting because it doesn’t alter the guitar’s natural resonance. This is because the finish is very thin, and very hard. It feels like an old classic, however – according to PRS.

This is available at roughly average PRS prices right here at zZounds, and you can get more details, and exact pricing there, depending on your choice of colors:

  • Smoked Amber
  • Tri Color Sunburst
  • Vintage Cherry

Alright, let’s duck and tumble into a few videos with the real deal here – first up Paul Reed Smith:


Now, J. Hayes:


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